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The 10th Victim Book Review (2021)

Robert Sheckley

This novel is a science fiction thriller novelization of a movie directed by Elio Petri in 1965. The book is by author Robert Sheckley and the movie was actually based on one of his previous short stories called The Seventh Victim which was the initial inspiration for this movie but the story was changed in some areas.


After the movie, in 1966, Robert rewrites his old story according to the movie with this novel which you will find out all about from this book review of The 10th Victim and he follows it up with the sequels, Victim Prime and Hunter/Victim which make the Victim series by Robert Sheckley.

The 10th Victim Book

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Scenes from the Movie

The novel strictly follows the scenes from the movie as it starts with a man chasing a woman through some dark streets as he shoots at her. As he continues to chase this woman, this man is stopped by a policeman but is left to go free as he shows him his license to kill.

Big Hunt

This chase proves important for an introduction to the story as the narrator later explains that this is all a part of the Big Hunt, the most famous and popular form of entertainment in this world. It’s important to explain what this great source of entertainment in our book review of The 10th Victim is because it describes a huge part of the book itself.

This Hunt is a brutal way of entertainment, but it actually saves a lot of huge wars to be started as it gives a chance for violent people to kill in this game.

Trained Killers

The ones who participate in the Big Hunt are people who are mostly trained killers but seek fame and fortune. The way it goes is the game has a total of 10 rounds. The participants play five rounds as a hunter and five rounds as a victim.

Killing your victim is the goal, but you can also strike down your hunter which grants you a place up in the contest. But, there is a big and risky catch. If you kill the wrong person you get up to 30 years of jail time.

Ultimate Champion

As if risking your life wasn’t enough, they have to pick who to kill as well. In the end, the one who survives all of the ten hard rounds becomes the ultimate champion of the game, earning riches and fame throughout the whole world.

Caroline Meredith

Now you go to meet some of the characters who will take you with them throughout this Hunt in our The 10th Victim book review. Among the most important characters is Caroline Meredith who is the hunter looking for her 10th victim.

Marcello Poletti

The victim is Marcello Poletti who is trying to find a way to kill the hunter Caroline who is armed with a high caliber Bosch shotgun. If you want to find out who wins at the end of this very entertaining book, then look beyond this review of The 10th Victim and find out for yourself in the book.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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