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11/22/63 Book Review (2021)

Stephen King

This book is a science fiction story written by the one and only Stephen King. In it, Stephen talks about a story that involves a time traveler who has a mission to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. You can also find it on our list of the best time travel books!

What to Expect

If you are a fan of Stephen King, then you surely know what to expect out of one of his many books, for those who haven’t read anything by him, this book review of 11/22/63 will make sure you understand what kind of story this is and if it suits your style. We covered another book by King in our selection of the best vampire books.

11/22/63 Book

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Jake Epping

Stephen King has definitely had a lot of experience in writing books as this one happens to be his 60th book in a row and his readers absolutely can’t wait to get ahold of it and find out what he has written this time. The story inside focuses mostly on the main character, a school English teacher who lives in Lisbon, Maine called Jake Epping.

Jake is trying to earn some extra cash for himself so he has a second job where he teaches GED to adult students. His whole world changes when he receives the assignments that he had given out to his students that were about writing on a topic about the day that managed to change their entire lives.

Harry Dunning

Many of the stories were great, but there was one that managed to move Jake as he read it. The story was written by his student Harry Dunning, a janitor who tells a touching story about a very dark night in his life.

A night when he managed to escape a terrible situation when his horrible drunken father managed to slaughter his entire family. This event caused Harry to have a permanent brain injury and Jake was so moved by this story that he eventually became friends with Harry after he received his GED.

Two Years Later

Our book review of 11/22/63 takes you two years in the future now, you can find out what the connection between these two events is in the book itself as you start reading. Two years later, Jake walks into a random diner and asks to speak with the proprietor Al. In their conversation, Al asks Jake to come back tomorrow around the same time to see something totally crazy.

Fascinating Story

Jakes does the same so he comes back the next day only to find out the weirdest of surprises standing before him. The same guy that he saw yesterday, Al, looks like he has aged a few years since yesterday. Al explains a truly fascinating story about how he is dying because of his many travels back in time for a very important mission through a portal found in the very diner that they are standing in.

Strict Guidelines

One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, Jake finds himself in the year 1958 spending one hour there so that he can believe the story. Al manages to explain the principals of how this portal works as it follows a set of very strict guidelines. Al reveals a plan of his that could change history and the future for the better and it involves stopping the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


Finding out about what happens next in the rest of this story is up to you as we don’t want to spoil the excitement of the following contents in this 11/22/63 book review. Be sure to check this book out if you enjoy science fiction books, time travel, and Stephen King’s work. You can also learn more about his other books in our ‘Salem’s Lot book review or The Stand book review.

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