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A Dark Imbalance Book Review (2021)

Sean Williams and Shane Dix

Authors Sean Williams and Shane Dix work together again for this last novel from the Evergence book series. This review is going to show you what the story in it is all about and how the series finally ends.

Evergence Book Series

The story in this book follows the story of the previous two books, The Prodigal Sun and The Dying Light where we met the protagonist of the whole series, Commander Morgan Roche of the Commonwealth of Empires.

A Dark Imbalance Book

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The Box

A lot has happened since Commander Morgan was given the task of escorting an artificial intelligence being, called The Box, to a nearby planet and when they were ambushed and as a result, had to crash in a nearby prison planet where her journey of protecting The Box at all costs started.


The story in the second book drastically changes as Commander Morgan is no longer Commander as she has detached herself from the Commonwealth of Empires in order to find the truth about a man, we met in the previous one, called Adoni Cane.

Now that you are all caught up, it’s time to see what we tell you about the third and final book in the Evergence series, A Dark Imbalance novel. The story continues with the series protagonist, Morgan Roche as she has a new mission this time, more dangerous and life-threatening than ever.

Higher Stakes

More serious with a higher stake that could mean the destruction of a whole race. The story of this book is a worthy one as an ending for a series that has made Morgan Roche go through so much, risk her life for the greater good. It is still in the Universe where now Earth no longer exists. What is left of humanity is barely surviving on starships and space stations in outer space.

However, the threat is nowhere near over as just as humankind can feel safe on whatever place for survival they have left, they are yet again being hunted by an army of warriors that are genetically enhanced which allows them to be capable of huge amounts of destruction and are very hard to take down.

A Rich Storyline

This article cannot even begin to describe everything that goes down in this story as Sean and Shane have managed to write such a complex plot that baffles the minds of even the biggest science fiction fans. We have found that the series can’t possibly end in a better way which you can find out for yourself while reading the novel.

As these genetically enhanced warriors are sent to dispose of mankind once and for all, there is only one person in this story that can come close to stopping them, and that person is renegade intelligence agent Morgan Roche. Hopefully, this review will manage to help you understand what to expect from the novel itself, as well as the full series combined.

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