A Fire in the Sun Book Review (2020)

This novel is the sequel to When Gravity Fails and the second book in the Trilogy called Marid Audran by science fiction author George Alec Effinger.

A cyberpunk science fiction novel that follows the adventures of Madrid Audran, a known street hustler who would do anything to keep his independence and make a living along the way.

George writes a lot about Marid throughout the series as we get to know him better and better. In this book review of A Fire in the Sun, you get to find out what is Marid’s current situation in the second book of the Marid Audran Trilogy. You can learn more about it in our selection of the best George Alec Effinger books.

When Gravity Fails Book

Following the events of the prequel to this novel, When Gravity Fails, Marid has now become everything that he despises. We know that he is a street hustler who must do whatever it takes to survive.

Like it or not, Marid has been many things recently. Some of them are being a street hustler in the Budayeen, an Arabian ghetto in a Balkanized future Earth. In those, not so long-ago times, Marid often found himself not having enough money to even buy himself a drink after hustling for a whole day.

But now things are a bit different. He somehow managed to get a sort of promotion that has increased his income drastically, but so has his hate for what he does. He works for one of the most feared men in this Arabian city, a huge crime boss, Friedlander Bey. This man has power in even the most unsuspected places as his desire for control has made him a feared and powerful man who only a few would mess with.

There is one who would be bold enough to become his rival which we will mention shortly in this A Fire in the Sun book review.

First, a bit more about Marid. During the day, Marid has a job that proves quite valuable to Bey, a policeman. He is the perfect personal messenger for Bey as to what is going on in the city.

Using police access, Marid is quite useful for Bey which makes him become filled with money. But, Marid would actually sacrifice even that if it would mean to return his independence and not being owned by anyone. Turning your back on a man such as Bey would definitely prove not wise for Marid, so he sticks around.

The story gets very interesting now, as something is disturbing Bey’s peaceful criminal activity in this town that would prove destructive to his business. This might just be the work of Bey’s rival that we mentioned, Abu Adil.

He is making this city go down in chaos as he sends people to murder others such as Marid’s partner. He murders prostitutes, helps a terrible man who harms children to avoid prison, and so much more. Be sure to see what happens next in the story, beyond what we cover in this book review of A Fire in the Sun. You can also take a look at the last book of the trilogy, The Exile Kiss book.


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