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A Promise of Fire Book Review (2021)

Amanda Bouchet

Amazing novelist Amanda Bouchet was born and raised in New England, in the United States of America. Bouchet’s contributions to the world of writing are most notably in the paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and fantasy genres. No wonder that we also covered the book in our selection of the best fantasy romance books. Make sure to check it out!

For the brilliant work that Amanda publishes, she has been noted as the winner of a number of chapter-contests that the Romance Writers of America host. These include the Paranormal Category for the Golden Pen and the Orange Rose Contest.

A Promise of Fire Book

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Life and Career

As Amanda was growing up, she adored spending her time in the woods close by her home and imagining beautiful stories as she was sauntering. Bouchet acquired her Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in French and she spent a time working as a teacher of English. However, in 2001, Amanda relocated to Paris, France, where she has since lived with her spouse and their two kids. Now, having noted all of that, we can go on with our book review.

Kingmaker Chronicles Series

This book is widely regarded and recognized as being one of the most inventive stories that Amanda Bouchet has come up with yet. It is the first novel in her stunning series which bears the name Kingmaker Chronicles. The Kingmaker Chronicles series consists of a total of three novels. The book was published in the year of 2016.


The main character is none other than Cat. Cat comes from the kingdom in the North, Fisa. The Kingdom of Fisa hosts a murderous line of royalty and magicians whose might is nothing short of astounding. Cat is what is known as a Kingmaker. The Kingmakers are quite seldom born, merely once in a century or two.

Likewise, being a Kingmaker means that the person bears a lot of power, though Cat isn’t one to show them off and she is remorseful of having been born with them, too. For instance, even when she was fairly young, Cat was subject to much savage abuse, so that she was left with a choice to stay put and keep being tortured day in and day out, or to get away. Cat made the latter choice and took leave from that dastardly place.

The Grip That the Past Has on Us

Since then, Cat has tried to remain as covert as possible, not wanting to attract attention to herself, and she has been very successful. A total of eight years have gone by with her being employed as a fortune teller in a circus. Cat resides in the kingdom of the south, Sinta.

The circus travels from place to place with people going in and out continuously, though no one seems to have caught on to Cat’s little ruse. Almost like the idea of if we want to hide something, we should hide it in plain sight, Cat’s secrecy is completely intact. With time, Cat has become accustomed to letting some people close by her, though never excessively.


It becomes apparent that something has gone awry when she is, out of the bluest of blues, kidnapped. We learn that her captors number four men, with a man named Griffin being their leader.

Griffin’s sister holds the throne of Sinta, but he and his line are not endowed with magical powers, while their enemies and nemeses hold great potency over the magical arts. He has deduced that Cat is a Kingmaker and he doesn’t know anyone quite as powerful as her to aid him.

She is unwilling initially and she knows that there are sinister beings on the horizon and just waiting for her to slip up that are far more dreadful and worthy of terror than Griffin. Knowing that Cat wouldn’t help him willingly out of fear of being exposed, Griffin did the next best thing he could: he took a capture of her.

Doing What’s Right or Doing What’s Practical?

As Griffin does his best to try and persuade and get Cat to just consider what it would mean to help him, we see them getting closer and closer, though the pace is a steadily slow one. Knowing that Cat was in a similar situation a long time ago, when she was scared for her life and being mistreated, we can understand how and why she is fearful of putting her trust in others.

She has skepticism about the concept of genuine comradery and even love. The relationship between captor and captive isn’t one easy to juggle especially in this genre, but Amanda Bouchet’s magical storytelling prevails above all else.

Constant Disagreement

As the time passes and challenges are visible on the lookout, we see Griffin and Cat enter in the phase of their relationship where they constantly disagree, insult each other while retaining an air of wit about them, but they also brave the obstacles in front of them together.

They work very well together both in the sense of getting the job done, but also in the sense that they are good for one another. As the climax of the novel nears and the evil forces come into full- view, Griffin and Cat are left to themselves, and, by the gods, they will get the best of all troubles.


Our A Promise of Fire book review has hopefully done justice to this superb tale. If so, and the readers’ interest has been piqued, then we can do nothing less than recommend reading the whole Kingmaker Chronicles series and enjoying Bouchet and her writing as they are both at their best.

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