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Acid Rock Book Review (2021)

Warren Murphy

Acid Rock is the thirteenth book in order from the amazing action-thriller book series by authors Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir. You can also take a look at our article about the best Warren Murphy books.

The Destroyer Book Series

The whole series mostly revolves around a special and highly trained assassin called Remo Williams who is present in every single book. The series has somewhere around 150 books, yes 150! Remo goes on countless adventures as you will find out about one of them in this book review of Acid Rock.

Acid Rock Book

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Remo Williams

First, you have to meet the main man himself, Remo Williams. You meet this character from the very first book of the series called The Day Remo Died as in that book his death is faked so that he can be trained as a skilled assassin who works for CURE. This is a secret organization that has been created by President Kennedy and its goal is to defend the country by freely working outside the Constitution.

Protecting a Valuable Target

In this particular story, Remo has another job of at most importance, to protect a very valuable target that means more than they actually think. She is a gorgeous redhead who has a huge bounty on her head.

The reason why is not familiar from the beginning of the book and we won’t spoil the fun and mystery of it in this book review of Acid Rock, but with some patience, the excitement will come as you find out how things connect after a while of reading.

Rock Festival

Remo, along with his partner from CURE Chiun, finds himself in the middle of a deafening and crazy rock festival where the girl has gotten herself on stage, visible for the killers and posing as an easy target.

Her name is Vickie Stoner and she definitely proves as a hard girl to keep safe and protect as she has simple and fun goals, to have sex and spend more time with the lead singer of a rock band that is playing in this festival. She pops some pills and becomes even more unpredictable and messy.

Difficult Task

Remo’s mission proves very difficult, but he has been tasked to protect this girl at all costs as the things she knows prove as huge liabilities to the criminals that are after her. The one million dollar bounty on her head makes sure to attract some dangerous bounty hunters who will stop at nothing to succeed in fetching their bounty. But Remo has a few tricks up his sleeves that will prove very useful as he has been trained to become a very skilled warrior who will not lose to criminals.

Thrill and Action

This is a piece of the whole story that we present in this Acid Rock book review, but the novel spans wider and many more things happen than the ones mentioned here which will allow you to have a fun and exciting time reading about them in the book itself as it proves as a wonderful read for the biggest thriller fans that always enjoy a lot of action in their thriller novels.

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