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Adrenaline Book Review (2021)

Bill Eidson

Adrenaline is Bill Eidson’s forth thriller novel that he published in 1966. If you are a fan of Bill’s very exciting and suspenseful thriller novels, then this one is another great piece to add to your collection. For more information about his other works, check out our One Bad Thing book review.

Exciting Story

You get to read about a very exciting story that is filled with so much suspense and action that you would make sure to read the whole thing in one sitting. Find out if this novel will have what you are looking for from this Adrenaline book review.

Adrenaline Book

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Suspense and Action

You get to meet a few characters in here actually and all of them have something different and unique to add to the plot of the story. The plot is one filled with a lot of killing inspired by revenge, kidnapping, hate, love, and a lot of suspense and action. In fact, Bill is known for his amazing action scenes and for suspenseful stories that just make you read more and more until you finally realize that you are nearing the end of the book.

Geoff Mann

One of the first characters you get to meet in the book itself is Geoff Mann. He is the guy that is going to do most of the killing and kidnapping after a series of events that make him go psycho. He isn’t like that from the start of the book as he was on his way hoping to get a promotion and become CEO of a major boat manufacturing company.

Everything was great until he loses this promotion to another guy called Steve Dern. After this bad news that Geoff gets, he loses it and gets fired on the spot vowing to get revenge on Steve for beating him in the promotion.

Getting a Revenge

As you find out more about Geoff from this review, Geoff is becoming more and more obsessed with getting revenge on Steve as he goes on a killing spree and kidnaps Steve’s gorgeous wife, Lisa Dern. Geoff manages to kill the guy who fired him from the company and another man who you get to meet later on in the book who happens to be a jerk to a woman who captures Geoff’s heart.


In fact, this woman, a prostitute named Carly, who helps him with the kidnapping becomes close to Geoff and he falls in love with her. After a series of finding dead bodies, Geoff’s and Steve’s paths meet in a final man to man confrontation to see who wins in the end.

Pretty Awesome Thriller

You can definitely go a step further than this book review of Adrenaline and read the whole book for yourself if you wish to find out which man gets his way at the end of this thrilling novel.

Bill Eidson definitely doesn’t joke around when it comes to writing a good thriller and focusing on the crazy events that are accompanied by a lot of action and suspense, important parts of any thriller in making it a truly fun read.

Robert Hazley
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