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After Book Series Review (2021)

William R. Fortschen

The After book series is a post-apocalyptic science fiction trilogy written by author William R. Fortschen. It contains the books One Second After, One Year After, and The Final Day.

After Trilogy

The first book was released in 2009 and they all tell a thrilling story of how a powerful EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) managed to turn the whole United States into chaos in the blink of an eye. Find out how this terrible event came to be in this review of After book series. You can find this book in our selection of the best post-apocalyptic book series. Check it out!

After book Series

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The Final Day:...image The Final Day 9.02/10 348 Pages Check Price On Amazon


You get to find out about the massive event that is the start of everything that results in all of the books. As you start the series in the first book, the author makes it clear exactly how dangerous and terrifying this EMP was as, in a mere second, planes started falling out of the sky, cars just stop on the spot, everything from smartphones to computers and basically every electronic gadget just stops working.

Collapse of the Grid

A person can survive without their phone for a while but one of the most life-threatening things that happened was the collapse of power plants due to having literally no electricity. All of these things result in the country returning to the Dark Age and things get super scary very fast as you can see from this After book series review.

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One Second After


John Matherson

In the first book, One Second After, the story begins as William sets the scene. He explains the events of how America managed to come to this point. One of the first and most important characters in the whole series that you get to meet in this one is a man called John Matherson.

A Professor

John is a professor who lives in a small North Carolina mountain town and he is currently struggling to save his family from what has just happened. An EMP, a powerful weapon finds itself in the hands of the enemy and the United States loses a crucial war in one second after the blast from the weapon renders all technology useless. It is after this event when America is sent back to the Dark Age and you get to see how horrible life becomes for the people.

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One Year After


Famine and Devastation

The story directly continues in the second book, One Year After, and from what we can tell you in this After book series review, things don’t seem to get any better in the second book as well.

Here, the story picks up with the events that happen two years after the devastating event that no one wants to talk about. The people have never faced a more horrible time as they witness death and starvation constantly, a rise in diseases as there is no way of treating anyone, and so much more misery and suffering.

One Step at a Time

The survivor from the small mountain town in North Carolina, John Matherson, is starting to piece back together parts of the things they had all taken for granted like electrical gadgets, radio communication, and medicine, searching to find and save any small thing that he could find useful.

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The Final Day


Rebuilding the World

And in the third book, The Final Day, author William Fortschen finally ends this difficult but super exciting to read journey as he explains the events that lead to the end of the series.

The story here focuses on rebuilding this destroyed world that the protagonist John Matherson lives in as they all work hard to make their home better after defeating a new and tyrannical federal government.

This is as far as this After book series review can take you as you might want to keep the excitement of finding out about the more important things in the series for yourself.

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