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All The Single Ladies Book Review (2021) – Unmarried Women And The Rise Of An Independent Nation

Rebecca Traister

Rebecca Traister is an award-winning journalist in the field of politics and gender in America. I am certain that Beyoncé was delighted to have the title of one of her songs used in the title of this book called All the Single Ladies.

Today’s Single Women

Traister had written a superb piece of investigative journalism, artfully blended with feminist history and careful research. Read through this All The Single Ladies book review if you want to know more.

All the Single Ladies Book

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Accurate Data

Importantly, she has ensured that her writing is inclusive of all and her data is accurate, which is something other modern feminist authors have failed to do. She has thereby guaranteed that she is providing us with an up-to-date record of how single women are living now. It seems that they are making the most of their choice of being a “singleton”. An important theme that runs through her book is the value of friendship in all its forms.

Another insight that we get when reading this book, is that single women experience a slur that was unexpected. This is the sad fact that is highlighted in All the Single Ladies that so many single women are treated with pity or ridicule for choosing to live without a man.

The Plight of Single Women

All the Single Ladies gives a recount of the latest feminist investigation into the current lifestyle choices of American women. Committed to extensive and accurate research, Traister follows the history of single women and those who have chosen to marry later in life, all of whom have made a significant difference to society. We covered this book in our selection of the best modern feminist books, too. Do not hesitate to learn more.

She noted that the proportion of married American women had been steadily dropping to below fifty percent. An added fact is that the age of those getting married later in life has risen considerably.

New Type of Discrimination

Interestingly, the growth in the number of single women has happened, but the laws relating to tax, health, and other benefits have not been amended to adapt to their choices.

They are now facing a new type of discrimination because they exist, but policy-makers have not yet acknowledged their contribution to a changing society. And of course, being a single woman is not necessarily a permanent state so it seems that no-one knows what to do with them or how to regulate and make laws equal.

The Contribution of Single Women

Traister proves how single women have brought many beneficial changes to American life and helped to create a fairer and more equal world. They have also shown that women should not be measured in the light of their relationships with men but rather commended for the good quality relationships that they are engaged in generally. This proves that single ladies can lead productive, successful, and happy lives without the assistance of a wedding ring or a male to prop them up.

Balanced View

Having said that, All the Single Ladies book does not romanticize the lives of all single women. Its balanced view reveals that single women are often amongst the lowest-paid workers and most unmarried mothers still exist below the poverty line. Whether they are single by choice or by circumstances, these women are getting on with living life on their terms, against all the odds.


When reviewing feminist books, I find it interesting to get a male perspective on a particular book. All the Single Ladies has received outstanding reviews, particularly from male readers. This is quite amazing! Perhaps this is an issue that is not exclusive to women, but a problem that is experienced by single men as well.

Anyone who reads this book cannot help but be dismayed by the ridicule and abuse single women are subjected to. Being called selfish because they have decided to put their own needs first is unfair and plain ignorant.

Family and Friends

And often, it is the close family and friends who put this kind of pressure on single women. Often, well-meaning people offer advice on how to find a partner, and they seem to be oblivious of the hurt they are causing by holding on to this outdated view of how women should live. All the Single Ladies is an inspiring, well-written book that informs as well as acknowledges the contributions made to society by this expanding demographic.

Alissa Wynn
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