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An Old-Fashioned Mystery Book Review (2021)

Larry Alan Morse

The author of this mystery book is Runa Fairleigh, but this author is mostly known by his real name, Larry Alan Morse. To learn more about his work, check out our selection of the best L. A. Morse books!

Thrill and Suspense

Most of his novels are filled with thrilling and suspenseful crime mysteries that will have you biting your nails while reading about what will happen next and how his stories end. This time, as we write in our book review of An Old-Fashioned Mystery, he brings us another one of his famous murder mysteries that takes place on a distant island.

An Old-Fashioned Mystery Book

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The story begins with a gathering of ten guests at an isolated estate that is in the middle of The Thousand Islands. The reason for this gathering at a pretty luxurious place is for the birthday of Rosa Sill who has just turned 25 years old, but more importantly, she just inherited the family fortune on the same day as her birthday.

That explains the place for the party as it is an elite location. Now, all of this can be a pretty normal thing, a bunch of people in their twenties, rich, celebrating another rich girl’s birthday at a luxurious place on an actual island.

Nasty Violence

Not an everyday thing, but it is still nothing out of the ordinary. However, the real excitement of this novel is yet to come as they are about to witness something pretty nasty.

Their fun party suddenly becomes a murder mystery as one of the ten people gathered there is mysteriously murdered and no one knows who, or when, or why they did this horrible act of violence.

Friend in Need…

They are all friends there, or so they thought. Little did they know that the murders weren’t going to end there, one after another, more people got killed and this quickly turned into probably the worst experience of these people’s lives.

Violet Cornichon

We try not to give away too many spoilers of this mysterious novel in our review of An Old-Fashioned Mystery book but one more important thing that needs mentioning that is crucial to the story is that there is still hope for the remaining survivors as Violet Cornichon, the Society-Girl Detective, is doing her best to get to the bottom of this murder mystery and keep everyone at ease.

She goes around, gathering clues that will help her pinpoint the suspects who might as well be potential victims for the next murder as from what they have seen, it probably won’t stop there.

A One-Sitting Book

As you can see from this An Old-Fashioned Mystery book review, this is a story that asks the question of who is doing these horrible things to these people, and maybe as important, why?

A story that is sure to make you read it in one sitting as few can resist a nice old-fashioned murder mystery that is filled with so much suspense that it might just make everyone in the novel die before it is solved.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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