Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Book Series Review (2020)

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter is a fantasy romance book series that talks about Anita Blake herself and her awesome and thrilling adventures in a world filled with all kinds of vampires. It is written by author Laurell K. Hamilton and unlike many other long book series about vampires, the books inside this series are all connected and don’t tell a separate story each.

All of the 27 books inside talk about Anita Blake and her quite exciting life. Be sure to see what this book series review of Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter can tell you if you are interested in stories about vampires, adventure, and a lot of romance. That’s the reason why you can find this book on our list of the best vampire romance books for adults.

Guilty Pleasures

The first book that starts the series off is called Guilty Pleasures. The author describes the main character, Anita herself, as small, dark, and very dangerous despite her appearance. Her daily job involves killing the undead who take things too far and managing to keep balance and peace in the world. The main plot in this first book that came out in 2004 talks about a mission that is given to Anita that involves her slaying and putting a stop to a series of vicious killings.

This ask for help comes to Anita by the city’s most powerful vampire and it is then when she must face her greatest fear. It’s not the danger from brutal killers that is about to come her way, it’s the fear of confronting master vampire Jean-Claude as she is madly attracted to this vampire.

The biggest twist in this novel is that although there is nothing wrong with her being super attracted to someone, the problem is that she is attracted to the guy that she is sworn to destroy, so things definitely get super exciting and dramatic from there as you can see in our Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter book series review.

The Laughing Corpse

That’s enough spoilers from the first book, let’s see how the story progresses in the second one, The Laughing Corpse. This time, Anita Blake is offered one million dollars to use another special power that she possesses, raising the dead.

Her case involves bringing a 300-year-old zombie to life and she knows that in order to do this, a human sacrifice must be acquired for it to work. That’s the main reason that Anita doesn’t like doing this very often so she turns Harold Gaynor down, he is the one who offered the job to her.

After a short period of time, Anita sees that a series of dead bodies start appearing all around. When she goes to investigate, she sees that the dead body was raised by someone else and this zombie is definitely a killer. She uses her powers to stop the killings and face the mysterious character who managed to raise the living dead.

Bloody Bones

Another one of the many interesting novels that we want to share with you in this book series review of Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter is the fifth book of the series, Bloody Bones, where Anita Blake faces her most troublesome enemy, Jean Claude.

The troubles start here when Branson, Missouri is hit with a death wave, unsolved murders appearing out of nowhere and Anita finds that her sexy nemesis, Claude, is behind it all. An epic story and an epic battle present themselves in this novel as this particular read will definitely prove very exciting, luckily, this exciting story is far from over as there are still plenty of books for reading.

The Killing Dance

After Bloody Bones, comes The Killing Dance, the sixth book and in it, the romance is stronger than ever as Anita finds herself dating both a vampire and a werewolf and you get to find out from this Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter book series review that doing that is definitely not an easy job.

If this already didn’t make Anita’s life complicated, she soon finds out that a bounty has been put on her head and that is definitely not good news. Realizing that love can’t save her this time, she turns to another character for help, an expert in this kind of case, Edward the hitman extraordinaire.

No matter how much help she acquires, Anita knows that this won’t be easy as her job does manage to get her a lot of enemies here and there. She has been in many fights, defeated many foes, and made a lot of criminals and evildoers very angry, so having a bounty on her head is totally understandable and was long coming. You don’t want to miss this volume of the series, or non-other for that matter if you want to keep track of the exciting events that happen throughout the series.

Narcissus in Chains

Skipping ahead to Narcissus in Chains, the tenth book of the series, you find out that the dangers in Anita’s world have still not ended and that the romance in her life is still as complicated as ever as she is still having trouble of choosing between her lovers, Jean Claude the vampire, and Richard the werewolf. You can probably already sense that there is going to be a lot of drama in this one.

The story in this novel actually moves up and down a lot as she attempts to rescue two wereleopards that were abducted and taken to a club called Narcissus in Chains. She manages to rescue them thanks to the help of both of her boyfriends but she gets wounded in the middle of all the action and is now at risk of becoming a wereleopard herself.

Here is the part where the story gets even more exciting. Richard believes that one of the wereleopards is responsible for this so he takes him and threatens to execute him. Now, Anita must save the wereleopard again, but this time from Richard, the werewolf.

There are plenty of other thrilling scenarios like this one throughout the series so be sure to read carefully and not miss a thing as every little detail is important.


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