The Art of Arrow Cutting Book Review (2020)

Australian author Stephen Dedman is a popular author of fascinating science fiction and dark fantasy novels that never disappoint with the quality of the stories, adventures, worlds, and characters inside. This book is actually part of a two-book series by Stephen, called The Art of Arrow Cutting, the same title as the novel and the second and last book of the series is called Shadow Bite.

Be sure to read what this book review of The Art of Arrow Cutting explains about the story in the book so that you know what to expect if you get interested and decide to check out the book for yourself.

The Art of Arrow Cutting Book

The story starts with the introduction of the main character in the book, a world-traveling photographer named Michelangelo Mage Magistrale. His exciting adventure starts soon after the book starts as he sees a gorgeous and distressed woman at the bus station and decides to help her and buy her a ticket.

In return, he gets something from her that would change his entire life and something that if he had  known what it is, he would have never even helped this woman.

Michelangelo gets a key that this woman says opens the door to her apartment. As exciting as that sounds, Mage did not know it at the time that this key was something worth much more than just a way to get in her apartment, it was worth something that would soon endanger Michelangelo’s whole life.

As you read, you see that Mage quickly discovers that this key is not what the woman said and not what it seems, it was actually an artifact that held unimaginable power, it was able to open any door possible, give access to any place, and had incredible hidden power – which many of the other characters you will read about in The Art of Arrow Cutting book review were after.

Just as Mage discovers the great power that this mysterious key held, his regret of ever finding it quickly follows as he was on the run from all sorts of evil that wanted to possess this powerful key for dire and dark purposes.

The things that were chasing him were things he had never seen before and some of which he thought did not even exist – ninja, Yakuza thugs, and horrifying creatures that were brought to life from Japanese mythology.

But, there is still hope for correcting the misfortunate events that have happened to Mage, his one chance of getting rid of all of this evil is to master the secrets and power of this key, to learn the art of arrow cutting, and he must do all of this before the ones who are after him eventually reach him and he has to confront them.

The story is way more exciting than in the very little that we mention in this review of The Art of Arrow Cutting and you will see for yourself once you read the book.


Robert Hazley

Robert Hazley

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