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As The World Dies Book Series Review (2021)

Rhiannon Frater

As the World Dies forces us to ask some thought-provoking questions. How would you react if a loved one gets bitten by a zombie and turns? Could you look them in the eye and do the deed?

Strong Survival Instinct

Do women have a strong enough survival instinct to make it through a zombie epidemic and come out in one piece at the end? Let’s find out more in our As The World Dies book series review.

As the World Dies Book Series

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
The First Days 8.14/10 331 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Fighting to Survive 8.82/10 307 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Siege 8.92/10 416 Pages Check Price On Amazon
After Siege 9.08/10 248 Pages Check Price On Amazon


The trilogy in As The World Dies series is action-packed and so thrilling that it keeps the reader on the edge of their seat to the very end. The female lead characters are a ground-breaking change in this normally male-dominated genre.

The female lead characters present us with a different perspective on a world gone crazy. Here we see a zombie apocalypse through the eyes of two strong, but very different women. For more information about the series, you can take a look at our article about the best zombie book series!

Katie and Jenni

We meet Katie and Jenni in The First Days. Katie is a bisexual lawyer and Jenni has been suffering from domestic abuse, the release from which is an unexpected result of the zombie invasion.

These two women are living ordinary lives and going about their daily routines without an inkling that everything is about to change – and not in a good way. How can they cope when their normal lives have been turned upside down in a few seconds?

Stuff of Nightmares

A zombie apocalypse has hit the world and these two women experience the horror of it first-hand. It is impossible to imagine how it feels to see your husband eating your child, but Rhiannon Frater manages to describe the horror of the scene in a most distasteful and chilling way. This is just one example of the gross events that unfold in this horror story.

Sticking Together

There is only one way to survive in these times. These two women, who a little while ago were complete strangers, must stick together if they are to avoid becoming zombie dinner. On their travels, they meet many different characters and most of them offer kindness and care, with just a few exceptions.

Although there is nothing new in the modus operandi of the writing and the execution of the plot, the characters are refreshing and infused with independent and courageous spirits. There is some love interest, but this is not a prominent theme in the books.


Siege describes their attempts to create a place to call home amid the chaos of the zombie epidemic. The discovery that there are other living humans nearby turns out to be more of a curse than a blessing when the two women find that everything they have worked to achieve is about to come under attack. Sometimes, amid the horror, human nature does not show its best side and the people you need most are the very ones who disappoint you.

Edgy and Engaging

With an edgy storytelling style, Frater engages the reader and we find ourselves caring about what happens to the characters. The series is different and interesting, so if you are an avid reader of the zombie genre, then it is worth investing in and writing a review that encourages fresh new talent.

This trilogy is not without fault as many reviewers will tell you, but it provides a decent read and As The World Dies book series is a promising start for a new author.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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