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Ash Ock Book Review (2021)

Paratwa Saga

Ash Ock is the sequel of the first book of author Christopher Hinz’s Trilogy, called Paratwa Saga.

Christopher Hinz

Hinz is quite popular in the science fiction world thanks to this book series by him that describes a terrifying war between the helpless and almost destroyed human race and the mighty, almost unbeatable Paratwa warriors. In this book review of Ash Ock, the second book of the Paratwa Trilogy, you find out what happens in the story that follows Liege-Killer, the first book of the series.

Ash Ock Book

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Century of Peace

In Liege-Killer, we witnessed the end of peaceful times that humans were living in for almost a full century until they started to see an old, horrifying enemy come back from the shadows. After a series of murders in their spaceships on which the remaining survivors after the destruction of Earth were living, they knew that the peace was over and horrible times of war were upon them once again.

Return in Full Force

In this review of Ash Ock, you find out that this second novel in the series by Chris Hinz talks about the story of how these dangerous enemies of humans return with their full force at them, to destroy them once and for all. If you like his work, you might be interested in our article about the best Christopher Hinz books.

As a computer virus spreads on the machinery in the spaceships on which humans are living, they start to fear that this is the work of these deadly, enhanced warrior species that are made for battle. The Paratwa are very feared because they come in genetically identical pairs that communicate with each other very easily and make fast decisions.

Nick and Gillian

You get to see two of the most important characters in the series, Nick and Gillian, who are stalking the Paratwa from the colonies that are orbiting the destroyed planet Earth. The first book was actually building up to this point with scattered hints here and there that are telling that these terrible creatures will be returning to finish the job.

As we are deep in the plot of the return of the Paratwa, we learn from this review of Ash Ock book that the ships that left after the desolation of Earth all that time ago were commanded by five pairs of Paratwa leaders who called themselves Ash Ock.

Telepathically Linked

This group of telepathically linked leaders had the goal of dominating humanity and nothing was going to change their minds. Now, as the Paratwa are starting to cause more trouble and killing, these events cause the awakening of Nick and Gillian who were in a scientifically monitored deep sleep for 56 years.

Strongly Connected

That’s all you need to know to understand what is about to happen in the book itself from our review of Ash Ock as the events that are happening in this novel have been built up carefully from the prequel and will still develop further in the last book of the Trilogy, also called The Paratwa. All the books are strongly connected so it is advised to read them all if you happen to like at least one.

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