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Assad or We Burn the Country Book Review (2021)

Sam Dagher

Author Sam Dagher does a wonderful job of writing this book and describing the events that take place in it. It is a non-fiction book about a terrible civil war the led to becoming something even greater. This story is one filled with a lot of political talk, action-filled war scenes, and a very memorable historical event.

What to Expect

This book review of Assad or We Burn the Country will definitely show you what to expect from this story and will watch out not to give out any major spoilers. No wonder that we include this amazing book in our best Syrian Civil War books article.

Assad or We Burn the Country Book

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Long War

The story that Sam Dagher describes is a story that started thanks to a decision that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad made in 2011. This might have been the wrong decision as it led his country into an 8- year long war that brought so much destruction and devastation.

Bashar was faced with making this decision when he turned to his friend and also army commander, Manaf Tlass, seeking consultation on how to act to the threat they were facing with the Arab Spring-inspired protests.

Ignored Suggestions

His friend, Tlass, suggested a less reckless approach and suggested conciliation, but the Syrian President didn’t like that idea and went for what he thought was the easier option, crushing the uprising entirely. Thanks to this very wrong decision, they all found themselves facing an 8-year war that killed close to half a million people and managed to only prove useful for further terrorism and global refuge crisis.

So far, from what you see in this Assad or We Burn the Country book review, Dagher tells you what a terrible decision Assad has made that brought everything to ruins in this very real story. You also get to find out about Bashar’s family and his inheritance that he received from his father, Hafez, as he tries to protect it now at all costs.

Reckless and Ruthless

The Assad family history proves to be led by reckless and ruthless leaders such as Hafez and now this Bashar Assad that Dagher talks about in this story. He tries desperately to protect his inheritance and everything that he has that was obtained by his father back in the days.

You also get to find out in the book and in this Assad or We Burn the Country book review about who Hafez was and what important things he did for his country and family. He formed an alliance with Iran and Syria that served as a conduit for weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Most of those weapons were supplied by Russia and all of those fragile relationships prove for too dangerous alliances that eventually add to the chaos that his son Bashar brings.

Global Conflict

This is one of the best books about Syrian Civil Wars, but you also get to find out in this story by Sam that this Civil War later proves to become bigger and what was once a regional conflict, later extended to become global and managed to even turn Russia and the United States against each other.

This book review of Assad or We Burn the Country holds a story that is well described by this author who spent many hours researching what happened through interviews, written texts, and so on. Sam Dagher manages to bring you a true story about one of the world’s most impactful civil wars and you get to read all about it in the comfort of your own home. If you are a fan of stories like this one, then you are in for an exciting read.

Michael Englert
Michael Englert
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