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The Battle of Anzio Book Review (2021)

Theodore Reed Fehrenbach

Theodore Reed Fehrenbach, the author of this book, explains to you one of the bloodiest battles of World War II. Theodore was a soldier himself and a military historian who tells you the accurate and very true story about the adventure of the Allied forces on an Italian beach as they do whatever it takes to survive and win.

Be sure to take a look at this book review of The Battle of Anzio if you wish to find out what to expect from this amazing non-fiction story by Theodore Reed Fehrenbach. For more information about his work, check out our selection of the best T. R. Fehrenbach books.

The Battle of Anzio Book

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Story of War and Death

The story that you get to read about in this book is definitely a thrilling one, although it is unfortunate that it is a true story of war and death, this book still presents a good read as it shows you what it takes to be in war and to defend what you stand for.

Beaches of Italy

You read about a small force of Allied soldiers who hold a strip of an Italian beach and mount an assault in the soft underbelly of the Axis powers as Winston Churchill liked to call it. It is said that many analysts said that this campaign was definitely a waste of time and that it would never work.

Massive Bombardment

As if this news wasn’t enough, the soldiers still had to face a massive bombardment on top of them by the German Nazi planes. On top of that, there was shooting coming from everywhere as mortars added to the bombing.

As you see in this The Battle of Anzio book review, this campaign was definitely not an easy one, but they felt that it was truly necessary as it later proves to be a major turning point in the whole Second World War.

Heavy Defenses

For most of the book, you see a high number of Allied casualties as they were still mounting an assault on one of the best defensive terrains around. It definitely doesn’t look good for a huge portion of the book and the suspense just builds up more which is actually what makes this book a very interesting and exciting read.

A story of war is never something with a good outcome as no matter who ends up victorious, there are still many casualties at the end and lives that just can’t be brought back.

Drama and Tragedy

However, Fehrenbach manages to make this one an interesting one still and add a bit of drama to it so that his readers can be really touched by the tragic outcome of the war. From what you can see in this book review of The Battle of Anzio, it hopefully seems that this story is a pretty interesting read about a tale of survival and hope, and it actually is. We also covered another book written by this talented author, check out our Lone Star book review.

It’s very well written and described, but it would have been better if it was a fiction story and not coming from a true and tragic event that took place in one of the most destructive times in human history.

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