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14 Best Dragon Books For Kids (2021)

Best Dragon Books for Kids

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Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Dragons Love Tacos 8.92/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon
How to Train Your Dragon 8.48/10 214 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Rise of the Earth Dragon 9.16/10 96 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Dragon Rider 8.54/10 527 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Reluctant Dragon 8.52/10 58 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
My Father's Dragon 8.78/10 96 Pages Check Price On Amazon
King Jack and the Dragon 8.66/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon
There's a Dragon in Your Book 9.06/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Puff, the Magic Dragon 9.04/10 24 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher 8.66/10 160 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
The Paper Bag Princess 9.22/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Ferno the Fire Dragon 8.52/10 78 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Discovery of Dragons 8.94/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Dragonology 8.84/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Simple and Fun Stories

Stories with dragons are some of the most interesting ones out there and there are some complex ones too that go on in countless books, the stories in this article are a bit different as they are meant for kids.

You can expect simple, easy to understand stories with fun characters, amazing dragons, and some of the most beautiful illustrations out there. You get to see all of that first in this best dragon books for kids review before you choose which one to get for your loved ones.

Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin


Who Doesn’t?

The first book we have in our list is Dragons Love Tacos, a book that describes a wonderful and funny story about how dragons absolutely love to eat tacos, they love all kinds of tacos, chicken tacos, beef tacos, small tacos, giant tacos, just about every kind of taco you can imagine.

Luring Dragons

The kids know this fact and they use tacos as the perfect bait to lure dragons to their parties so they can admire these amazing creatures and have even more fun with them. For more information about this book, check out our selection of the top dragon picture books.

Hot Party

There is just one tiny little problem with this whole situation, and that is that whenever someone serves tacos, there is usually always salsa around and if dragons eat even a drop of salsa, the whole party would get a lot hotter.

How to Train Your Dragon Book Series by Cressida Cowell


Entertaining Adventure

How to Train Your Dragon is on many lists of the best dragon book series, and the reason is that the story is such an entertaining adventure that you just cannot miss it if you like reading about dragons. If you are interested in this book, you must check out our best dragon books review, where we mentioned it as well.

Great Fun

However, this story is not intended for very young children, as it can sometimes be a bit complicated, but it is still child-friendly, and the events in it are great fun for all ages. If you want to know more about this wonderful book series, you must read our How to Train Your Dragon books review.

Hiccup and Others

The story revolves around several characters, the main character being a Viking called Hiccup, who manages to become the first person in Berk to befriend and bond with a real dragon, their most feared enemy. This event manages to set in motion a series of events that are great fun to read about and enjoy.

Dragon Masters Book Series by Tracey West


Simple and Straightforward

The next book in this list of the best dragon books for kids is a series by Tracey West, a perfect dragon book series for kids as the story inside is super simple, fast-paced, and straight forward.

Every book in the series introduces the young readers to a new kind of dragon in Tracey’s imagination and a thrilling story that follows with them.

18 Books

There are 18 books in the series and all of the stories are very addictive, as they connect with the young characters and their astonishing dragons. A whole article was dedicated to this amazing book series. Take a look at our Dragon Masters book series review.

The main characters throughout the entire story are also young children who are in training to become Dragon Masters as they bond with their own dragons and build an unbreakable connection.

Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke



This book is without a doubt extraordinary story that involves a young boy as one of the main characters and a big dragon called Firedrake.

The adventure that these two, and a couple of other characters, go on is something to talk about for a while and something that you won’t forget about very soon. It deserved to be, without a doubt, in our selection of the best dragon books!

Dragon Rider Series

This is the first book of the two-part book series also called Dragon Rider. You get to read a story about how Ben, the young boy, helps Firedrake to find the sacred home of the dragons, called Rim of Heaven.

It will prove to be a dangerous journey, filled with unexpected situations and events which makes the whole thing a whole lot more interesting. Get more information about this book in our review of Dragon Rider book series.

The Reluctant Dragon by Kenneth Grahame



Here is another book from our list of the best dragon books for kids with an amazing story inside and even more exciting and inspiring illustrations to help a younger audience to understand the events and imagine how they happen. This is also another story that features a little boy and a dragon as the main characters.

Not Afraid

The story begins with the fact that this boy is one of the few in his country who is not afraid of dragons and actually makes friends with a dragon who loves poetry and lives in the Downs above his house.

St. George

The story becomes even more interesting when a warrior known as St. George is asked by the villagers to kill this dragon because they are afraid of him. However, you get to read a wonderful story in which this little boy stays by his friend and does everything he can to prevent this situation.

My Father’s Dragon Book Series by Ruth Stiles Gannett


Unforgettable Story

This is another book series we have for you, consisting of only three books, but still offering an unforgettable story for the younger readers, telling of another exciting adventure with dragons. Elmer Elevator is a little boy and the main character in the series, he is also the father of the narrator, but as a boy.


The story follows this young boy as he sets out on an adventure alone to rescue a baby dragon in need on a faraway island. He leaves prepared as he packs his set of helpful tools such as two dozen pink lollipops, chewing gum, rubber bands, and a comb.


In all three stories, Elmer is a hero as he constantly has to protect someone from all kinds of dangers. This is definitely one of the best books because the story here is both inspiring and exciting.

King Jack and the Dragon by Peter Bently


Easy Story

King Jack and the dragon is another one of the easier stories in our list, as there is no hidden meaning or message in this story, but only a very interesting, funny and entertaining story involving a few young characters and their imagination.


The story begins when you meet the main characters Jack, baby Caspar and Zack. Their days go by as they are together all day long and spend their time playing with dragons in their pillow forts.


Jack is the king of these forts, and when Jack Sir Zack and Caspar are forced to go to bed, Jack is left alone, and his imagination begins to overwhelm him as he begins to believe a little too much in dragons.

There’s a Dragon in Your Book by Tom Fletcher


Possible Winner

Here is a book that many of you will consider the winner in this article, as this very engaging book, filled with tons of wonderful illustrations, is the perfect thing to entertain your young loved one.

Greg Abbott

Tom Fletcher has created another brilliant book for children with the help of the brilliant illustrator Greg Abbott, which is super interactive and entertaining. We covered this wonderful Fletcher’s work in our There’s a Dragon in Your Book review.

Unique Characters

You can see how the great illustrations in it come to life thanks to the way they are incorporated into the pages. There are dragon eggs, fire-breathing dragons, all kinds of unique characters and many more interesting illustrations that appear all over the pages.

Puff, the Magic Dragon by Peter Yarrow


Form of a Song

The next book we have here for you is about a very fascinating dragon called Puff. There is something special about this book because it is written in the form of a song and will undoubtedly become the most heard children’s song in your house after you have shown it to your children.

Amazing Illustrations

You will learn about the magic dragon called Puff and the amazing and fascinating country he lives in. This one is also the special edition, accompanied by many fascinating illustrations, which definitely make this book much more entertaining for children. We wrote about this book in our review of the top picture books about dragons, too. Take a look at it!

Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher by Bruce Coville


Magic Shop

This story follows a boy named Jeremy Thatcher who just cannot stop getting into more and more trouble. One day, after running away from a bunch of kids, he stumbles upon a strange magic shop and goes inside. We covered this book in our review of the top dragon books as well. Check it out!

Fake Dragon Egg

The boy is fascinated by what he sees in the shop and luckily for him, he had enough money to buy something in this strange place. He picks an apparently fake dragon egg and takes it home with him. Then comes the real fun, because this dragon egg turns out to be real, and you can imagine the excitement on the face of any child in such a situation. 

The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch


Unusual Characters

You can read about a thrilling story here, but it has an unusual set of characters, because unlike most stories in which the brave knight rescues the princess from danger, this time the princess rescues her fiancé who has been kidnapped by a deadly dragon.

Adventure Begins

The adventure begins when a dragon attacks Princess Elizabeth’s castle and kidnaps Prince Ronald. She must save him immediately, and the only thing she finds in all the ruins is a paper bag.

Funny and Exciting

This story will prove to be both very funny and exciting when you read if she is actually able to save her beloved fiancé. If you are interested in this book, you can learn more about it in our review of the best picture books about dragons.

Ferno the Fire Dragon by Adam Blade


Real Quest

Ferno the Fire Dragon is a story about a character named Tom who is about to embark on the adventure of his life. He has always wanted a real quest, one that would allow him to make a difference for his people and his kingdom.

Becoming a Hero

His wishes have finally come true as his village and the rest of his kingdom is threatened by something they do not yet understand, and Tom is the only one who is not afraid to go and try to save his kingdom. This is the story of Beast Quest, Tom’s quest that finally makes him a hero and gives him the chance to prove what he has to offer.

The Discovery of Dragons by Graeme Base


Vast World of Dragons

We have approached the next to last book in our best dragon books for kids review. This one is here to show children the exciting and vast world of dragons by presenting the collection of illustrations and information gathered from their adventures by the fictional crew of Victorian scientists.

Perfectly Designed

This is a wonderful scrapbook with some of the most interesting dragons out there and their perfectly designed illustrations. If you feel that your child is not up for a more complex story about dragons, then this book is just the thing to introduce them to the amazing world of dragons, because the illustrations and pictures in this book are definitely something to admire.

Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons by Dugald A. Steer


Ernest Drake

The last book in our article is very similar to the next to the last one as this is another collection of information and images about dragons. The pictures are really amazing, that is why we mentioned the book in our article about the best dragon picture books.

It talks about Ernest Drake, a fictional character created by Dugald Steer who has had countless adventures involving dragons that have helped him to learn so much about these fascinating creatures. If you are interested in the amazing  Steer’s works, check out our review of Dragonology book or Dragonology Chronicles book series review.


Ernest is a dragonologist, and his work is dangerous, but it is worth it, because there are not many people who do this job, so he has to pass on this information to the others. The book contains many interesting pictures of dragon scales, all kinds of gems, and many other exciting things. We have no other option than to include this amazing book in our article about the top books about dragons!

Awesome Illustrations

This is all we have chosen for some of the dragon children’s books out there, as the stories in these books are written especially for the younger audience, so they can understand what is going on and still have fun looking at the dragon illustrations in the books. We love the illustrations so much, that we mentioned this book in our selection of the 8 best dragon art books.

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