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5 Best Summer Romance Books (2021)

Best Summer Romance Books

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
The Summer I Turned Pretty 8.54/10 276 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Along for the Ride 8.72/10 383 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Twenty Boy Summer 8.48/10 290 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Second Chance Summer 9.04/10 468 Pages Check Price On Amazon
My Life Next Door 8.68/10 394 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Living to the Fullest

As children, we perceive summer as a period of relief between the different halves of the school year. It is a period where the weight of school is vacant, though we do know that once it ends, school is on our plate once more. Nonetheless, we strive to enjoy, cherish, and live to the fullest this little while which is just the reason why so many of us have or still do wall in love when it’s summer.

Allure of Summer

The allure of the summer surely has a helping hand in this process, though it is most often just a means to an end. With that noted, we can agree that many of our romances begin or reach their climax in the summer, which is why we will now be counting down our picks for the best summer romance books.

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han


Summer Series

Jenny Han is Richmond, Virginia’s own brilliant novelist and her works nothing short of absolutely captivating. Han’s most famous work is definitely her Summer series and the one that we’ll be focusing on today is the first novel, The Summer I Turned Pretty.


The protagonist, Isabel, is flirting with the age line of being 16 and she’s pretty ecstatic about this, after all, it is her sweet sixteenth birthday. Nonetheless, once a year, Isabel, her brother, and her mother spend the summer at Susannah – who is a longtime friend of Isabel’s mom – with her two kids.

Jeremiah and Conrad

Susannah’s kids are named Jeremiah and Conrad. The two of them are vastly different from one another, which shows as Isabel views Jeremiah as a second to her brother Steven, while she has liked Conrad for quite some time now. However, seeing as Isabel was the youngest and most immature of the group, she was often left out of their adventures, but that’s all going to change.

This summer, Isabel has really grown into herself, her personality, but most of all her looks. Now, it is clear that everyone’s attitude is different towards her seeing as she is quite a bit prettier than the previous summer. The others have also changed, though. Jeremiah is even more pleasant and sensible than what he was, while Conrad’s enigmatic tendencies have only grown.

Coming of Age

In spite of this, they are so lovable and endearing that the reader can’t keep himself from becoming absorbed with their story. Of course, the story isn’t just about becoming prettier, but more so coming to an age when you value certain things more than others, though the humor and frivolity in the novel aren’t amiss at all. We covered another work by Jenny Han in our article about the best young adult romance books. You can also learn more about her book called Always and Forever, Lara Jean in our standalone article. Check it out!

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen


Standalone Novel

Sarah Dessen is a wonderful authoress who comes from Evanston, Illinois, USA. Sarah has been amazing her readers since her very first debut and her works have not slowed down with their vigor and potency on a bit.

The 2009 novel Along for the Ride is one we think is essential if one is trying to find the best summer romance books. For more novel written by this talented author, take a look at our best Sarah Dessen books review.


The protagonist, Auden, just graduated from high school. We see that Auden wasn’t much for friendships, going out, having fun, and the like during her high school days, but was more interested in having her grades be perfect.

Nevertheless, Auden has just enrolled at a great college, though it does all seem too mundane now. For one, Auden’s mother rarely, if ever, had fun with Auden, but was more interested in academics, having dinner parties, discussing things that the young Auden couldn’t comprehend, and drinking a lot.

Snobbish Qualities

Seeing as Auden has but one summer before moving out for college, she wants to at least spend it having fun so she goes out to her father in Colby. Her dad isn’t an upgrade from her mom as he barely even notices her.

His wife, Heidi, was the subject of much snobbish gossip by Auden’s mom and Auden retains some of these snobbish qualities herself. Needless to say, Auden can’t just go through the motions in Colby, so she finds a job. However, Auden is a bit of an insomniac, so she can’t get a good night’s rest.


Auden saunters out of the house for a walk when she meets a guy named Eli, who is also troubled with insomnia. Auden knows that it isn’t going to be easy for her, but if she doesn’t seize the opportunity to have fun with Eli, she’ll have wasted another summer and college won’t be any different. However, when neither of them can stop thinking of the other, Auden hasn’t the slightest clue of what to do.

Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler


Heartfelt and Gripping

Sarah Ockler is the terrific novelist from Buffalo, New York, and she has yet to disappoint us, her ardent and loyal fans, with her superb novels. Ockler’s 2009 story Twenty Boy Summer is perhaps her most heartfelt and gripping. Let’s now proceed with our best summer romance books review.


Anna is at the moment a fourteen-year-old, though her ascent to the fifteenth is coming soon. Anna and Matt, her longtime best friend, had been friends for their whole lives, but they just recently began dating, though secretly.

Though always covert, they can’t spend enough time with each other, it seems. Wishing to tell their families so that they can stop sneaking around, they agree on when and how, with Matt needing to be the one to break the news to his sister Frankie.

Bashful and Shy

What’s so special about Frankie is that she’s younger than Matt and she doesn’t quite comprehend those aspects of life; she is very much bashful and shy. It was all set and done when life throws a terrible curveball.

The three were having a drive to go and eat ice cream as their lives took a turn for the worst. The accident left Anna and Frankie alive and without injuries, though Matt sadly lost his life. Words cannot express the pain, suffering, and the disorientation that both Anna and Frankie experienced. Anna, especially since she now has to keep such a secret from Matt’s family.

Driving Force

Soon, though, Frankie has had a change in her personality and invites Anna on her and her family’s California holiday. She appears to be much more self-confident and sure of herself so that she becomes a driving force.

Anna bears witness to her change as Frankie wants to have a fling with one boy for each day of their holiday, thus a summer of twenty boys. However, unbeknownst to Frankie, Anna has to wrestle with a plight and a secret unlike any other. We can’t say whether Anna breaks the news to Frankie, but we can assure the reader that he is in for one powerful story.

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Catherine Matson


Taylor Edwards

Morgan Catherine Matson was born on September 19th, in 1981. The best of Morgan, in our opinions, is her 2012 story named Second Chance Summer.

Taylor Edwards, the protagonist, has had a very roller-coaster-like life. The father of Taylor is in the midst of a battle with cancer, though it seems that he is soon to fall prey to it. Though he doesn’t convey the picture of a man broken down by pancreatic cancer, he still is in much pain.

Lake House

As such, Taylor and her family decided to spend the summer ahead of them at their lake house, the last they’ll have with everyone there. Soon, we learn that the siblings of Taylor are all very much different in character, though they do all carry the love and admiration for their family.

We learn that Taylor has been through a lot of things in her life. She has become accustomed to running away from things, but this is not a time to run away because not being present will have dire consequences on her life.

Lucy and Henry

She spends time with her siblings, though she feels uneasy because of their tensions. Taylor meets up with her former friend Lucy and first flame Henry. They aren’t too happy with Taylor because of the past between them, but Taylor is really trying to make amends, as hard as it may come to her.

Last Chance

We jump between the story of the past when Taylor and her family were at the lake house years ago and the story of the now, and we keep seeing how Taylor has a proclivity for giving up and going away. This time, though, she is determined to make-right her wrongs, no matter how painful they may be. It is her last chance at a summer with everyone there in her life.

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick



Huntley Fitzpatrick is an amazing novelist whose works are nothing short of adored. The work of Fitzpatrick that we think is worthy of being on any list of the best summer romance books is the 2012 volume named My Life Next Door.

Samantha Reed

Samantha Reed appears to be living a fine, and without worries, life. Under the paint job, however, things are very much different. Though Samantha goes to a great private school, her mother was elected as a state senator, and whatnot, their dynamic isn’t one to boast of.

Their neighbors, however, the Garretts might not seem like the best family, but they are very tightly-knit. The Reeds and the Garretts have been neighbors for ten years or so. The Garretts are a ten-member family, in bleak contrast to the less than a handful member of the Reeds family.

What to Do?

One of the Garretts, Jase, is as Samantha learns quite a tender, genuine, and very handsome guy. When Samantha and Jase start seeing each other more frequently, Samantha doesn’t know what to do about her feelings. She usually has them in check, but this time it seems that Jase is too great a guy to just let go.

Torn Apart

They start dating and Samantha finds herself incorporated in the Garretts’ dynamic with outstanding ease. However, when an unanticipated and unwanted event takes place, Samantha and Jase find themselves torn apart. How will they live knowing that their lives are next door?

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