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Beyond Heaven’s River Book Review (2021)

Greg Bear

Welcome to this book review of Beyond Heaven’s River by Greg Bear, the skilled Sci-fi novel writer that just keeps coming up with amazing content. It’s a wonder how Greg manages to always have new stuff coming out that is more unique, genuine, and as interesting as the previous.

Standalone Book

Many of Greg’s books come in series due to the long and complex stories that simply cannot be fit into one book, however, this one is a single book that still turned out great and made for a very interesting story filled with amazing characters and thrilling adventures.

Beyond Heaven’s River Book

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Yoshio Kawashita

In this book review of Beyond Heaven’s River, you learn about the story of Yoshio Kawashita, a skilled pilot who was in the middle of World War II. His ship, unfortunately, goes down and is stuck, sinking in the middle of the sea.

Instead of dying honorably in the middle of battle, lucky or not, he suddenly witnesses his life being saved by aliens who sweep him off the planet and take him to another world where he could rule everything and was being observed for 400 years. Instead of this gift, Yoshio actually thinks that he is in for an even worse fate than dying on his own planet which is being tortured and killed on another.

Ruler of the New World

However, instead of that, he actually gets appointed ruler over a whole new world. After this amazing twist in the story, we meet Anna Nestor. She is an empress of many worlds, but the catch with her is that she doesn’t see planets as worlds where people can enjoy their freedom and live happily, joyous with the fact that they have a home to live in.

Sideshow Attraction

She sees them as money-making opportunities as she makes a fortune in real estate. When Nestor meets Kawashita, she sees him as a great sideshow attraction that can bring the attention of some potential customers, until she connects with him on a deeper and personal level and eventually, they fall in love.

Nonetheless, as she learns his story, how he got there, what he is doing there now, she finds that they cannot truly be happy in love together until they solve the mystery of why Yoshio was put there and who his kidnappers are.

Back Home

After some events that we do not have time to mention in this Beyond Heaven’s River book review, Yoshio finally finds himself back home on Earth, but this version of Earth is not the same as it is 400 years in the future, that’s how much time has passed while he was gone. If you like this book you must check out our review of the best Greg Bear books!

Life-Changing Events

This is surely enough of our book review on Beyond Heaven’s River for you to get a grasp of what is going on in this amazing novel by Greg Bear. We introduce you to the world of Yoshio Kawashita and his crazy and unexpected life-changing events that, in a matter of minutes, turn his whole life around.

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