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The Big Enchilada Book Review (2021)

L. A. Morse

What you see here is another story from the brilliant author L. A. Morse and one of his amazing full of action series called Sam Hunter.

Sam Hunter Series

This novel takes the private detective Sam Hunter on another one of his dangerous adventures filled with action, sex, terrible criminals, pimps, and so on, you get the idea. Learn more about Morse’s work reading our selection of the best L. A. Morse books.

The Big Enchilada Book

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We will make sure to explain all about the story in our book review of The Big Enchilada and what this award-winning author has in store for Sam Hunter this time and what you will read about in the book itself.

Private Detective

Now, we mentioned that Sam is a private detective, but you need to know a bit more about him in order for you to understand the story and how he likes to do things his own way. Sam is a pretty tough guy, never listens to anybody, doesn’t respond to threats nicely, and is someone that you wouldn’t want to mess with, so, overall, it’s best to be on Sam’s good side than to have anything against him.


You get to see all the things that we described about him when he receives a threat, something that is definitely a bad choice when it comes to Sam Hunter. A street thug comes barging into his office and tries to warn Sam and tell him to stay away from Domingo, something Sam had started investigating.

This street thug probably didn’t know anything about the private detective, or else he wouldn’t dare to go near Sam, all that he has accomplished with this little quest is only to provoke Sam to be crueler and start investigating into this more and more.

In the Middle of the Danger

As you dive in deeper into The Big Enchilada book review, you read about Sam’s mission to take this criminal down as he goes around LA, in the middle of danger, dodging bullets and diving in deeper into this criminal world filled with lots of drugs, sex, and unpredictable danger.

Black Knight

You get to meet a few more characters that Sam gets into contact with, a teenage porn star, an heiress and a spoiled rich kid who lead him to a club called the Black Knight. This place was so deep into the criminal underworld that no one ever found out how much heroin was in there that was hidden from the law.

All for Nothing?

The part where he finally reaches the thing he has been looking for throughout the book, Domingo, finally arrives in our review of The Big Enchilada and you can find out for yourself what awaits Sam Hunter when he finally reaches him too.

Will Sam be pleased with how it all ends up, will it end good for him, or will the result of this dangerous journey prove to be for nothing? These are the things you will find out as you read the book for yourself.

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