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Black Dagger Brotherhood Book Series Review (2021)

J.R. Ward

This book series is written by a Number 1 Bestselling author, J.R. Ward and she tells a fantasy story filled with thrill and romance. The book is never short of mystery and the paranormal as vampires are all around in this world created by her.

Standalone Novels

The books inside are not exactly connected with each other, although the world in which everything happens is the same throughout the whole series, the characters are always different in each of the books. This way, you get to hear a bunch of amazing and unique stories by also unique and fascinating characters. To learn more about the series, check out our selection of the best vampire book series!

Black Dagger Brotherhood Book Series

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Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Dark Lover 8.98/10 393 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Lover Eternal 9.28/10 464 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Lover Awakened 9.48/10 448 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Lover Revealed 9.22/10 480 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Lover Unbound 9.26/10 528 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Lover Enshrined 8.84/10 560 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Lover Avenged 9.34/10 527 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Lover Mine 9.42/10 528 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Lover Unleashed 9.16/10 512 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Lover Reborn 9.28/10 572 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Lover At Last 9.22/10 608 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The King 9.34/10 591 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Shadows 9.24/10 590 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Beast 9.48/10 508 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Chosen 9.22/10 544 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Dark Lover



We start off the description of the plot from the very first novel in our Black Dagger Brotherhood book series review. The title of the first one is Dark Lover and in it, you read about the only purebred vampire that is left in the entire world, Wrath.

He is also the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, a society of vampire warriors who have a duty to protect their race against de-souled humans called Lessers and his current mission is getting revenge on those who managed to kill his parents a few centuries ago.

Special Child

Wrath quickly finds himself in a very different situation after his best warrior is unfortunately killed, now he has a half-breed orphan to deal with so he lays down his dagger and takes care of the beautiful girl. There is, however, something special about this child, something about her heritage and her fate the Wrath doesn’t yet know.

Finally, some romance appears in the book as Beth Randall begins to experience a kind of restlessness within her body, a kind that she has never witnessed before. She also feels helpless against the fierce fighter and sexy man who comes at night.

Scared and Helpless

His words and tales about the Black Dagger Brotherhood scare her, but his presence also makes her feel helpless, the story between these two will definitely be to your liking. It is not so surprising that we included the series on our list of the best vampire romance books for adults.

Lover Eternal



Rhage is another fascinating character that you get to read about in this Black Dagger Brotherhood book series review. He appears in the second book of the series, Lover Eternal, and the author describes him as the vampire with the strongest appetites, the quickest and strongest one, and the most gifted lover of them all.


One bad side to him is that he has within him a curse cast by the Scribe Virgin. Rhage is actually owned by the dark side but he is not evil. He fears when the day will come when he is forced to unleash his inner dragon and that will definitely prove as a threat to those around him who he cares about.

Mary Luce

Another character that makes this volume of the series even more exciting is Mary Luce. She too has had a rough past and has had to survive through many hard times. She is thrown in the middle of the vampire world and she desperately relies on the protection of Rhage.

Closer Together

You find out about her from our book series review of Black Dagger Brotherhood that she isn’t looking for love, but as they spend more time together and as dangers bring them closer together, they witness something that will definitely change them both. Before this part of the story ends, Mary Luce and Rhage are finding themselves beside one another as lovers.

Lover Awakened



Lover Awakened is the title of the third book, the story of a former blood slave named Zsadist is discussed here and it quickly becomes one filled with a lot of action and it’s never short of romance as well. Zsadist lives with a lot of burdens on his mind, his biggest one being living a life where he has to remember his hard past that was filled with a lot of suffering and humiliation.


He isn’t the friendliest character that you have met so far as every human and vampire around fears him because of his savage-like behavior. He is fueled by rage and killing because of his past, but all of that changes for a while when he meets and saves a beautiful Bella from the evil Lessening Society.

Bella manages to see a change in him, he becomes more compassionate because of her, but none of that last long as he desires for vengeance upon those who tormented Bella will drive him back to his old ways.

Capable of Change

Bella once saw that Zsadist is capable of change for the better, and she makes it her mission to show him that it is not worth ruining his life for revenge and rage. A heartwarming story this turns out to be and there is also plenty of romance and action to fill your needs as well.

There are still a total of 19 books in the whole series, so you definitely have a lot of content to keep you entertained if you enjoy reading about fantasy stories that involve vampires and the passionate romance among them.

Unique Characters

You have probably seen from what you read in our Black Dagger Brotherhood book series review that each of the stories has its own unique characters that tell their own stories. There are a lot more fascinating characters to read about in the coming stories and that is probably one of the most exciting things that you have ahead of you in the series.

Lover Revealed


Butch O’Neal

In Lover Revealed, Butch O’Neal is another one of those characters. He is a true fighter by nature who doesn’t back down from fights and the most interesting thing about him is that he is the only human to ever be allowed in the Black Dagger Brotherhood ever.

Nothing to Lose

You find out that he has nothing to lose and he wants to make a difference in the war against the Lessers. He also has a romantic side to him as he is madly in love with a vampire who is way out of his league, Marissa. There is a story in there that will definitely be thrilling to find out about.

The rest of the books that follow are just as exciting as these and all of them have unique and fascinating stories to tell.

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