Blood Games Book Review (2020)

Blood Games is the third novel of the long book series by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, called Saint-Germain. It’s basically a series that revolves around an immortal vampire who lives throughout the history of man, being there at many important events, being a part of many people’s lives, but never getting overly involved. You can learn more about the series in our selection of the best Chelsea Quinn Yarbro books.

In this book review of Blood Games, you get to read about the never-ending life of the immortal Saint-Germain and a new story of romance and thrill that is sure to make reading the whole series worth it. If you want to find out more about the first book of the series, take a look at our Hôtel Transylvania book review.

Blood Games Book

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The stories of Saint-Germain tend to take place in different parts of the world for every book. Also, there is always a new woman that falls in love with the humble vampire as he has an appearance that is desired by many and brings a flare of passion to every relationship.

The Palace

In the previous book, The Palace, the story was set in Renaissance Florence where Germain met a beautiful woman who needed her life being saved from the horrible Savanarola. This time, the time and place are quite different from the prequel as our hero is now in Nero’s Rome, a timeline where the biggest form of entertainment was watching gladiators fight to the death and a place that was ruled by Emperors.


Time to talk a little about the vampire himself, Saint-Germain, in our review of Blood Games book. In this period of history, he lives in a palazzo outside the city of Rome. He has no problems with those who are in power at that time, in fact, most of them even prefer his presence as he has made quite the helpful contributions to the venatio, an event that forces Roman gladiators and prisoners to find with vicious animals and beasts to the death.


The story goes forward as we read about a party that is held by Petronius who is a dear friend to Saint-Germain. His story quickly entangles with the one of women he sees at that party who is sitting alone and looking sad as ever. As he finds more about her, he learns that this woman is not just any, but the wife of a powerful Roman senator, Cornelius Justus Silius.

Now, this man is one of the worst characters you can read about in books, the evil guy, the one that doesn’t respect anyone, and the one that you just want to strangle yourself. His bad reputation is due to the constant brutalization of his wife, Atta Olivia Clemens, as he constantly forces her to be raped by others and threatens her with taking the lives of her family.

Saint-Germain’s story begins here as you read the next pages and find out what he does for this lovely but desperately sad woman who is in huge need of help. Hopefully, this review of Blood Games brings you some insight as to what to expect from the book, as well as the full series itself.

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