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Blood Music Book Review (2021)

Greg Bear

This is our official review of an award-winning science fiction novel by the one and only Greg Bear. Blood Music is a brilliant piece of work by the author famous for his science fiction novels Greg Bear.

Nebula Award Book

It was first published as a short story that eventually won him the Nebula Award for Best Novelette in 1983 and the Hugo Award for Best Novelette in the following year of 1984. Speaking of being the best, do not hesitate to check out our review of the best Greg Bear books!

Blood Music Book

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Story Expansion

In our book review of Blood Music, you get to find out all about this multiple award-winning story and the wonders it holds from this brilliant author who is a master at writing science fiction. You can also find it on our list of the best biopunk books!

In 1985, Greg expanded the short story version of this tale and officially wrote this version of the novel. Longer, better, improved, more thrilling and filled with unique characters. Blood Music is definitely one of Greg’s most memorable stories as it features a scientist called Vergil Ulam who has managed to create simple (at first) biological computers from his own lymphocytes.


Lymphocytes are a subtype of our white blood cells which help in the process of creating immune cells and such. However, Virgil has a very nervous employer who doesn’t really like what he is working on at his workplace and immediately forces him to abandon this project and get rid of any information and evidence that leads back to it.


Virgil, having poured his blood and sweat into this life-changing project of his has no other choice than to inject the, what he calls noocytes, the biological computers, into his body so he can smuggle them and work on them in peace somewhere else.

While he works on finding somewhere to work on this project in peace, inside his body, the noocytes multiply and evolve at an alarming rate, causing all sorts of changes to his body. They quickly become self-aware and you might think that the first thing they would do is try to kill the host and overtake the entire population.

Overall Improvement

But no, this is too predictable for Greg’s writing as he tells us that the noocytes start improving all sorts of functions inside Virgil’s body like normalizing his blood pressure, fixing his eyesight, improving his strength, intelligence, and much more.

After transforming Ulam, they evolve as they figure out how to infect others, doing the same for them, eventually spreading more and more, faster and faster. Reports start coming in that the noocytes start communicating with each other in the form of singing.

Unstoppable Evolution

They keep evolving and eventually are forced to leave their hosts as they learn how to live on a plane that requires no physical body to exist on. They become so advanced that the story gets a bit hard to understand, but not hard enough to make it boring as you can see for yourself from this review about Blood Music book and the book itself.

Hopefully, this Blood Music book review was able to answer your questions about what this fascinating book is about and get you interested in this award-winning masterpiece by the science fiction writer Greg Bear.

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