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Blue Bloods Book Series Review (2021)

Melissa de la Cruz

Melissa de la Cruz writes her amazing series about vampires who have a huge influence on the shaping of America.

This book series has 7 books inside which all describe the fictional world that Melissa has created in which the Blue-Blooded vampires have grown truly powerful and wealthy as well.

Blue Bloods Book Series

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Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Blue Bloods 8.02/10 302 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Masquerade 8.42/10 307 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Revelations 8.44/10 264 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Van Alen Legacy 8.52/10 369 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Misguided Angel 8.46/10 265 Pages Check Price On Amazon

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Lost In Time 8.68/10 342 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Gates of Paradise 8.76/10 368 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Blue Bloods


Not Exactly Humans

The story begins with the first book, also called Blue Bloods. The scene is in 1620 and the Mayflower has just set sail carrying Pilgrims that would soon become the ones who are going to shape the world that will become their new home and future.

The story seems pretty normal until now, but you soon discover from our book series review of Blue Bloods that this ship was not carrying only normal Pilgrims. Some of them were not even human, there were a bunch of vampires on that vessel and after they reach their destination that was America. They begin to use their power to shape this new land to their own liking.


There is something that not many know about these Blue Bloods as they vowed to keep their immortality a secret. This secret has remained hidden for centuries, until now. Their secret begins slipping as more and more Blue Bloods begin to populate the world. A character who takes over the story from here is a teenage girl named Schuyler Van Alen. This fact makes the book perfect and one of the best vampire books for the teens.


Schuyler is a sophomore who lives with her grandma, nothing out of the ordinary about her until she turns 15 and begins noticing the blue veins under her skin. The color was not a normal one and it begins scaring her after which she gets the strangest craving for raw food. She doesn’t have even the slightest clue of what might be happening to her or what she truly is.

Disturbing Flashbacks

After a short period of time, a girl from her school is found dead, drained from every drop of her blood. These events and the fact that she is starting to have some really weird flashbacks to ancient times are definitely proving disturbing to the girl and her story only gets more complicated from there as you will find out all about that from this Blue Bloods book series review.




The story directly continues in the second book of the series, Masquerade. You get to follow the life of the same girl again as you find out a bit more about her like the fact that she has gotten more comfortable with her newly discovered vampire powers.

Real Excitement

The real excitement is yet to come as even though her life is definitely more complex than before, she still has a ton of unanswered questions that are still bugging her.

She takes a trip to Italy in hopes of finding her grandfather who might be able to answer a few questions about what she has become and about the Blue Bloods in general. In the meantime, preparations for a huge festival back home are starting.


This festival is something exciting for the Blue Bloods especially. The event is a masquerade, one that will reveal something huge that will definitely change a lot about young vampires all around the world.



Silver Blood

The next book follows the events of this story. In Revelations, you read about another great discovery that has managed to make Schuyler Van Alen even more confused as she finds out something that will make her think that she might not actually be a true Blue Blood.

Something called sinister Silver Blood could be actually flowing through her veins instead. This definitely spices up things in the story as you can see in this book series review of Blue Bloods.


A bit of romance is present in this novel as Schuyler is forced to stay under the same roof as her hated nemesis, Mimi Force, and her forbidden crush, Jack Force. Things definitely escalate fast in this one as the Blue Bloods are in desperate need of Schuyler’s assistance after a dangerous threat appears in Rio de Janeiro.

A bloody battle soon comes before you as you read the book that has a lot of high stakes in it, and Schuyler is absolutely affected by it as you can see for yourself after you read the book.

The Van Alen Legacy


Epic Battle

The Van Alen Legacy is the name of the fourth book of the Blue Bloods book series. In it, the romance in the series grows as a few more characters get involved with the story.

The Blue Bloods find themselves in danger and an epic fight for their survival will prove as the perfect thing to keep the readers entertained. This threat that proves very serious for the Blue Bloods is coming from the sinister Silver Bloods.

Important Events

A lot of important events take place in all of the books of the series, we are careful not to give out any major spoilers of the plot in our Blue Bloods book series review as you wouldn’t want the excitement of discovering this truly interesting story being ruined.

Keys to the Repository


Schuyler’s Adventures

The fifth book of the series is called Keys to the Repository and it is a part of the series that tells a story about certain events before the Mayflower even took off. You still get to read about Schuyler Van Alen and her vampire friends and enemies as their adventures always manage to keep the story exciting.

There are four more books left of these truly exciting vampire book series that has the perfect story made for young adults and anyone who enjoys reading about vampires and their fun and romantic lifestyles.


The story from here will prove even more exciting as things get more complex, events become filled with more dangers, secrets that manage to change entire lives are revealed, and so much more than that. One thing is for sure, and that is that the books in this series are some of the best vampire books out there and they are not going to allow you to feel bored as you read them.

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