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Born of Night Book Review (2021)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Exceptionally gifted authoress Sherrilyn Kenyon was born on the 11th of December, 1965, in Columbus, Georgia, United States of America.

Sherrilyn is a brilliant American writer, primarily concentrated on writing paranormal romance novels and urban fantasy-genre ones. However, Kenyon also utilizes a pseudonym when she writes historical fiction, which is interspersed with paranormal hallmarks.

Born of Night Book

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The novels and writing of Kenyon have a large and intense fanbase from all over the globe. For instance, the novels of Kenyon have been sold in print in more than one hundred countries, with more than seventy-million copies sold to this day. Her works have been featured atop prestigious lists like the New York Times Best Sellers list, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today! More often than not, Kenyon’s novels are atop best-sellers lists in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and plenty of others.


It is quite a sad thing to have to note, but in 2019, on the 7th of January, Kenyon filed a lawsuit against the assistants of her spouse and her spouse, himself. The allegation of Kenyon was that she had been being poisoned for more than a few years so that they can profit off of her deteriorating state and, eventually and morbidly, her death.

Kenyon’s tests concluded that she had dangerous levels of toxic chemicals in her body, which show that she was, in fact, being poisoned slowly by the former. Kenyon has since turned a corner and is no longer with her ex-husband. Now, having covered these points, we can take our time with our book review.

The League: Nemesis Rising Series

This is one of the quintessential Sherrilyn Kenyon novels, without a doubt. It is widely regarded as one of her best, and it is also the first novel in her The League: Nemesis Rising series, which is the first part of a larger series named The League. The League: Nemesis Rising features fourteen primary novels, with a few tie-ins, too! Born of Night book was published in the year of 1995. We covered one of Kenyon’s works in our selection of the best vampire book series. Make sure to check it out!

Where Is the Story Set?

The Universe is named the Ichidian Universe. In this particular universe, there is one group that rules everything. Meet the League and assassins that they have hired. These assassins of the League are basically the very foundation of their mighty governing body, as they are powerful warriors, ruthless, and unflinching.

However, no group is averse to falling into sin, even if that sin is as carnal as betrayal, disloyalty, or corruption. Thus, it is clear that in The League, in spite of its mighty fortitude, there is room for corruption, and where there is room for corruption, corruption soon settles in and makes a pesky nest.

Nykyrian Quikiades

Once upon a time, Nykyrian Quikiades – try saying that fast – was an assassin for the League. Not just any assassin, mind you, but a Command Assassin. However, as assassins are wont to do, they either give up the life because it’s too much a hassle, they go rogue, or an ulterior motive presents itself.

The reason for Nykyrian’s leaving of the League is because he has observed how truly corrupt and detestable it has become. Even though he was known as the Nemesis, a name that summons stark terror in perpetrators, law-breakers, and criminals, alike, Nykyrian is now a fugitive.


Upon his departure from the League’s assassin group, they have been systematically hunting him, though too not much success. There have been plenty of assassins sent to collect the head of Nykyrian, however none of them have succeeded.

In fact, none have even come close. At the present moment, Nykyrian has but one aim and one aim only: keep Kiara Zamir safe. Kiara, as we learn soon, is the daughter of a man whose political affiliations spawn more trouble than he might have expected.

Turn for Nothing

Kiara Zamir, herself, knows that the world she has lived and enjoyed in has taken a turn for nothing more than the worst. Now, she is aware that she doesn’t have many options, recourses, or even the time to think of a way to save herself.

With all of this acknowledged, Kiara opts, adamantly, to put her trust in an assassin, namely Nykyrian. The reason for her aversion for the assassins, except for the less than virtuous fact that they are assassins, is her mother’s death.

Joining Strengths

We learn that her mother was murdered by an assassin, and Kiara, aged merely eight at the time, was left nearly in the same condition. Kiara swallows her pride and disdain for their kind, and puts her unavailing trust into Nykyrian. The only way that they can both agree on that will enable them to get out of this whole situation with their heads intact.

With each moment spent together, Kiara and Nykyrian form the crux of a relationship forged in the fiery need for survival. This same relationship is built upon passion, and the most abjectly intense emotions that a person is capable of. Kiara’s own hardened soul is allured by the pained, mysterious eyes of Nykyrian, who, in turn, becomes slowly but surely infatuated with Kiara.

Few Last Words

The romance between Nykyrian and Kiara is a very touching one. In spite of the fact that the story and the adventure entail quite the brutality and gruesomeness, their own relationship is a very tame one. It is a gripping, tender tale of love that has been sparked even in the terrible darkness of oppression and the need to survive.

That is also the reason why it deserves its place among the best science fiction romance books. Truly, Kenyon is a master in storytelling. Our book review of Born of Night is a great way, if we may say so ourselves, to get into the series. Kenyon’s Hunter Legends series and Dark-Hunter series are another worthy treats of devouring, too! Be sure to check it out.

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