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The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window Book Review (2021)

Kirsty Moseley

Phenomenal writer Kirsty Moseley is as enigmatic as some of her peers. Moseley seemingly isn’t a fan of having her private or intimate information available for use on the Internet, which is why the specifics about her life are nowhere to be found.

Nevertheless, we will proceed with broad strokes about Kirsty. Kirsty Moseley was born and raised in England and her works are primarily focused on the romance genre.

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window Book

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Moseley has been an avid reader of novels since even a young age. Accordingly, it wasn’t long before Kirsty tried her hand at writing and in a little while had a large number of her own stories, though she kept them to herself.

When she happened to come by Wattpad, Kirsty was encouraged to try and see how people would react to her writing. Long story, short: her stories were read a whopping 7,000,000 times. In 2011, the first novel of Moseley was published traditionally, with her sophomore effort coming a couple of months in the future.

In her free time, Kirsty likes spending her time reading, taking care of her little son, eating chocolate goodness, and she even likes playing games on PlayStation. Now, with that said, we can take a look at the debut novel of Kirsty and give our book review.

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window Series

This is a powerful story and widely considered as the most inventive and most complete novel of Kirsty Moseley. It was published in the year of 2011 and it received acclaim. It is also the first novel in a series of the same title, though it doesn’t have a genuine sequel but only a tie-in novel. You can learn more about it in our selection of the brother’s best friend romance books.

The main characters are Amber, Jake, and Liam. When we first see Amber and meet her, she is just an eight-year-old, while Liam and Jake are her seniors by two years. It doesn’t take long for the novel to jump headlong into the terrible experience of an abusive home like that of Jake and Amber.

Cruel Abuse

Day in and day out, Amber and Jake are subject to disparaging and cruel abuse at the hands of their dad, both on the physical and mental level. What is even worse is that Amber is even sexually mistreated and molested by the heathen. We see this damnable picture of the family’s situation and their dynamic while only looking at one day of their lives.

Liam, on the other hand, is Jake’s best buddy and he’s their neighbor. One day, notices Amber crying herself to sleep. He comes up by her window, motions for Amber to open in, jumps in, and he holds Amber throughout the night as she cries continually before slipping off into a slumber.

Affection Can Numb the Pain, but Not Expel It

Liam holds her in an embrace without letting go long into the morning. This little rendezvous of theirs goes on like that for the following eight years. Day in and day out, Liam slips into Amber’s room, keeps her safe as she snoozes in his warm hug.

Throughout the years, Amber has struggled with being intimate with people. This doesn’t mean anything specifically intimate, but even a touch is a daunting task for her. Barring her mom and Jake, Liam is the only person that she can bear to touch her.

Nothing Out of the Ordinary

When all else fails, Liam and his reassuring hold soothes and calms Amber. Especially relaxing to Amber is when Liam lays his lips on her neck and her breathing rate is steadied. During the day, though, when they are around each other, Liam never mentions it and acts like nothing is out of the ordinary which definitely helps with Amber and keeping her bearings. Liam doesn’t treat her like she’s about to break, but like a regular person.

With time, the two grow closer and closer, their nightly reassurances continue, and one day they kiss. We learn that Jake had been in love with Amber for as long as he can remember. He had been a six-year-old and she only four.

A Dent in Destiny

Jake at no point pushes or nudges Amber, but always grants her the space to feel free and not bound by any exterior force. With time, the realization of Amber that she reciprocates the same feelings dawns on her and the two slowly, yet steadily come together and embrace the romance that had been building for so long.

As the two of them slide into the beauty and passion of a relationship, we see how much Jake means to Amber. Liam and Amber were adamant about coming out about their romance seeing as Jake was very protective of his sister. Even as children, he would nudge and pick a fight with his dad so that he would not abuse Amber.

When Jake does catch on to the fact that Liam and Amber are together, he bears the same sentiments about keeping her safe from everyone in spite of Liam being his best friend for so long. Now, the developments of the novel can be quite in a twisting manner.

Up to You to Find Out

How the story will progress, whether Jake will do something rash, what will become of the sorry excuse for a family that Jake and Amber have, and what will happen with Liam and Amber we cannot say, but only point the reader towards the direction of purchasing the novel. Our The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window book review has hopefully done it justice.

Nothing Left to Lose, Poles Apart, and Fighting to be Free are a few other novels from Kirsty Moseley that we wholeheartedly suggest you pick up. If you like this book so far, you might be also interested in our article about the best teenage pregnancy books.

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