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This Business of Publishing Book Review (2021)

Richard Curtis

In this book, is valuable knowledge gathered for over thirty years by the famous film writer and author Richard Curtis. Having received all kinds of awards and nominations for his books and movies, Curtis has definitely earned his right to be teaching you about what it takes to make it in the business of publishing.

Journey in Publishing

Our book review of This Business of Publishing will focus on showing you what benefits and things you can learn from this book and what things to avoid when starting your journey in publishing. You can also check out his other book on similar topic, Mastering the Business of Writing book.

This Business of Publishing Book

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Many Different Topics

Thanks to the amazing amounts of success that Richard has achieved, we can feel safe knowing that Richard sure knows what he is talking about in this book and we should pay as much attention as we can. He focuses on many different topics that are related to this business such as the dangers and missed opportunities by the old fashioned style of selling books on consignment.

Changing Nature of Business

He also focuses on the fact that the nature of the wholesale business is changing and what we can do to make sure we get as much from that change as possible, how that change affects authors, publishers, and agents, the good and the bad. Maybe the most important of all topics yet is the power of the electronic media revolution.

Electronic Media

We notice in this review of This Business of Publishing that Richard has given great thought to the electronic media and the wonderful opportunities it presents for this type of business. After all, it’s the newest form of getting things known by the public so why not use it to its full potential.

Blockbuster Mentality

It’s not all good though, as Curtis is looking out for you and also shows in this book what to avoid in this specific area as there are dangers that could be your downfall here as well. Another important thing to think about that Richard mentions in his book is the blockbuster mentality that is currently on every publisher’s mind which leads to increased dependence on some authors who have big names in the writing business that also brings them higher and higher incomes.


For any aspiring author or someone with a dream to succeed, this book is definitely something that can turn the tide and bring you closer to success in an industry that is rapidly improving and changing which is the perfect reason that you must keep up and learn from the best in order to succeed. If you like work of Curtis as much as we do, check out our selection of the best Richard Curtis books!

Way to Success

Hopefully, this review of This Business of Publishing book can interest editors, authors, and agents, aspiring or not, to consider learning a thing or two from Richard Curtis about many aspects of the business and be on their way to success. Thanks to his 30 plus years of experience, Richard is someone who can surely make that path a lot easier. You might be also interested in our The Client from Hell book review. 

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