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Cafe Nevo Book Review (2021)

Barbara Rogan

This quite interesting novel by the author Barbara Rogan whose other works include Suspicion, A Dangerous Fiction and others, tells a great story that we find all about in the popular cafe in Tel Aviv Israel, Cafe Nevo.

It’s a fiction story by Barbara that gathers quite the unique drama-filled characters and their interesting personal stories that all become intertwined in this cafe. 

Cafe Nevo Book

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Barbara is a great fiction writer as she has taught fiction writing for Writers Digest University as well as in her own online course, Next Level Workshops. So, if you enjoy writing fiction as well as reading it, be sure to take some notes from her books and our Cafe Nevo book review. Learn more about another book written by this talented writer reading our Saving Grace book review.

Unique Characters

In the novel of Cafe Nevo, Barbara lets us meet many different and unique characters, most of which are gorgeous women who are struggling with some emotional problems. But first, we need to meet the owner of this cafe where everything goes down, Emmanuel Sternholz.

He is the owner as well as the only waiter in this small cafe and as a result of that, is easily keeping track of everything these women come to talk about. He often has the role of matchmaking, offering advice, and fixing the personal problems of his customers.

All Kinds of Stories

The story starts getting more complex and way more interesting as we meet Ilana, she is a painstaking prostitute who is in all sorts of difficulties as she is going through an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy.

She is refusing to marry the father of the baby and start a life together with him, constantly disappoints her family that lives in poverty with situations like this one and is often judged by them with little mercy. At least one good thing she can say is that she only finds comfort when she is with her friend Vered.

Trouble Will Find Me

Another thing Emmanuel finds about in his cafe is that Vered has cheated on her husband with an Arab and is in deep trouble as well. We meet two new characters who often come to Cafe Nevo, Sarita and Arik.

Sarita is very talented in drawing and sketching and constantly sits quietly and sketches the cafe, while Arik is a guy who is falling in love with Sarita, but she is having trouble noticing this.

Problems and Fixes

All of this, and more, is going on in Cafe Nevo as these people go there to just let loose and talk about their problems and potential fixes about their lives. Emmanuel is there to serve and listen, sometimes telling them what he thinks they should do and trying to help them fix their personal problems. He makes a few match fixes here and there in the hopes that everything will work out. Will it or will it not is up to you to find out.

That’s all the spoilers we can give out in this Cafe Nevo book review, but you will definitely have a fun time reading this book by Barbara Rogan and the thrilling drama that is happening throughout all of it.

Michael Englert
Michael Englert
Michael is a graduate of cultural studies and history. He enjoys a good bottle of wine and (surprise, surprise) reading. As a small-town librarian, he is currently relishing the silence and peaceful atmosphere that is prevailing.