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Captain Quad Book Review (2021)

Horrifying Change

The name of this novel might sound like it’s the title of a science fiction story about a superhero named Captain Quad, but it is actually a horror story by master horror writer Sean Costello.

This book starts off very peacefully as it introduces the main character who is about to experience a horrifying change. We explain what to expect in this exciting new novel by Sean in our book review of Captain Quad and you will find that this novel will never allow you to feel bored as the suspense and thrill is too great.

Captain Quad Book

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Peter Gardner

At the beginning of the novel, you meet a young man called Peter Gardner who is very gifted and exceeds in all of his classes in high school with a great dream of becoming a pilot and who studies hard to achieve his dreams.

His life is a great one filled with happiness, a loving family, a caring girlfriend, and he has everything he could ever wish for until something horrible happens to him.

Motorcycle Accident

A devastating motorcycle accident sends Peter into the hellish journey that awaits him and closes every door for a possible bright future for him as he becomes paralyzed from the neck down, unable to move his body and unable to feel anything anymore.

This is something that almost always breaks a person’s spirit and to add even more to Peter’s terrible series of bad luck, he witnesses his girlfriend leaving him as she does not see him the same way anymore.

Dreams Gone

He realizes that his dreams of becoming a pilot are no more and will never be possible from here on, and finally Peter sees his family torn apart as they can’t handle this terrible tragedy that has happened to their Peter.

This is not a story that will inspire Peter to make the best of this and search for new meaning in his life as you will soon find out from this Captain Quad book review. This is a story in which horrible and dark thoughts consume Peter’s mind, powerful thoughts that grow darker every day.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Ever since the first day of this horrible accident that has left Peter quadriplegic, he wishes to leave his body and to travel freely anywhere in the world. If you have ever heard the thought “be careful what you wish for because it might come true”, then this can be applied here.

Hate and Revenge

One day, Peter finally gets his wish but by then there was no hope for him as he had become a terrible and dark person filled with hate and desire for revenge. He goes on to terrorize and hurt everyone around him, breaking his rules of morality and causing so much pain and suffering that this book finally reveals as the horror story that it truly is.

If you like what you see in this book review of Captain Quad and you enjoy horror stories, then this is definitely the book for you.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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