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3 Best Carol Beach York Books (2021)

Best Carol Beach York Books ReviewBio

Carol Beach York was born on the 21st of January, 1928, in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. York was an American writer, primarily of a kind of juvenile works.

Writing Career

Not a lot of things are known of the elusive, enigmatic persona of Carol Beach York. She was best known for her mystery and suspense novels, though they were never explicit like other writers usually are. Her books were, as we mentioned before, in a juvenile or children’s kind of way written.

Forever Remembered

The books she is most known for are her Butterfield Square series, which includes her beloved novel Good Charlotte. It is a known fact that from this novel, the pop rock band Good Charlotte acquired its own name. It was a sad day when on the 26th of April, 2013, Carol Beach York died. She had lived a full life, leaving behind her a broad panoply of books. As such, we are now going to take a look at what the best Carol Beach York books actually are.

Best Carol Beach York Books

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
The Christmas Dolls 8.76/10 96 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Miss Know It All 8.14/10 96 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Tree House Mystery 7.76/10 90 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Girls of the Good Day Orphanage Book Series


Longest Series

Girls of the Good Day Orphanage series is the longest series that Carol Beach York has written. It is composed of a total of twelve books, and they are the following:

  1. The Christmas Dolls, published in 1967.
  2. The Ten O’clock Club, published in 1970.
  3. Good Charlotte, published in 1969.
  4. Miss Know it All, published in 1966.
  5. Miss Know it All Returns, published in 1975.
  6. The Good Day Mice, published in 1968.
  7. Miss Know it All and the Wishing Lamp, published in 1987.
  8. Miss Know it All and the Magic House, published in 1988.
  9. Miss Know it All and the Ring Circus, published in 1972.
  10. Kate Be Late, published in 1987.
  11. The Secret House, published in 1992.
  12. Rabbit Magic, published in 1991.

Touching and Gentle

The first book, The Christmas Dolls, is a touching, gentle story of two dolls that are located in a girl’s orphanage during the time of Christmas. The tale is a rather short one, about ninety-six pages, or so, but its merits far outweigh the number of pages.

Dolls in an Orphanage

The plot follows two dolls in the orphanage that are rejected by the orphanage director, so they cannot be the toys of the girls. One of the dolls is a rag doll, while the other one is a bit damaged. However, a small girl named Tatty, short for Charlotte, finds the dolls and decides to help them. She takes them during the Eve of Christmas out to find a store to get her two new friends amended.


All of the stories are extremely touching and heartwarming. Carol really knew how to write a story that penetrates even the toughest of people. These are definitely some of the best books by Carol Beach York.

The Butterfield Square Stories Book Series



The Butterfield Square Stories are the most famous and well-known series to have come from Carol Beach York. Something odd about this series is that the books belong to the Girls of the Good Day Orphanage series, too, though the latter series has a few more books. Regardless, the books that make up the Butterfield Square Series are:

  1. Miss Know it All.
  2. The Christmas Dolls.
  3. The Good Day Mice.
  4. Good Charlotte.
  5. The Ten O’clock Club.
  6. Miss Know it All Returns.
  7. Miss Know it All and the Ring Circus.
  8. Miss Know it All and the Wishing Lamp.
  9. Miss Know it All and the Magic House.


The main character of the series is Tatty or Charlotte. Charlotte, for instance, is not someone that people think of when asked about someone that is great at many things.

It just so happened that Miss Lavender and Miss Plum must be away for several days. This prompts Miss Singlittle, a kindhearted and loving soul, to be their replacement for the time being, and she takes an immediate interest in Charlotte. During their very first meeting, Singlittle gives Charlotte the nickname of Good Charlotte, and it is a nickname that sticks with Charlotte for a while.


However, on the same day, a blue-haired child arrives at the orphanage. We soon learn that her name is Esmeralda. Esmeralda says that her story is a supernatural one – in fact, she claims that she used to be a princess, though because of some clever machinations at the hands of a group of goblins, she has to wait until snowfall to go back. Charlotte, thus, finds another person that likes her for her in Esmeralda.

There Is Always Someone

The story intentionally leaves Esmeralda’s claims as ambiguous, but that is not the relevant part. The crux of the story is that Charlotte found people, ones that did not frequent with her prior to their meeting, that actually liked her for her. The moral of the story is that even if a few people around us are not fond of us, there are certainly many more people in the world.

The Tree House Mystery


Wooded Country

The Tree House Mystery is a standalone novel by Carol. It was published in the year of 1973. Doubtless, it is one of the best books written by Carol Beach York. The story, like all of York’s, is a singularly moving one. Carol’s forte truly was making people’s hearts warm and tingling.

The family of Roger have decided to move from the bustling mundanity of the city to the vibrant scenery of the wooded country. It just so happens that there is an odd tree house on the property, one that Roger was not told about until meeting with the real estate agent.

Weird Footprints

From time to time, Roger, out the corner of his eye, supposes that he sees someone in the window of the tree house. At other times, he comes by footprints heading from or for the creek, though they are not from boots or any kind of shoes, but a bare foot. Even odder is the fact that there are only three toes as can be seen in the footprints.

Phenomenal Illustrations

Reisie Lonette did a phenomenal job with the illustrations. Even when the story might, without context, seem like a creepy one, Lonette’s illustrations still keep the reader on the track. Once Upon a Dark November and Sparrow Lake are two other books from Carol Beach York. They are as genuine and as affecting as the ones we already mentioned!

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