Castle Perilous Book Series Review (2020)

Castle Perilous is a fantasy adventure fiction book series by author John Dechancie in which he has written about a magical world where there are no limits to the potential of magic users. In the nine books that are all in the series,

John writes about a castle that holds the doors between parallel universes and other worlds unlike any anyone has ever seen. The story is definitely an interesting one to read as you can find out from this book review of Castle Perilous, but it does lack depth and passion as you never get super into a long adventure where things get super serious.

On the other hand, there is a lot of humor, a lot of wonders and mysteries with a bit of suspense that will keep you going, and a lot of fun and magic that will definitely make this a great and interesting read. You can learn more about the series in our selection of the best John Dechancie books!

Castle Perilous Book Series

In the whole series, there is the Castle Perilous, a magical castle that houses 144.000 doors or portals to other planets, parallel worlds, dimensions, and so on. There are people who from time to time stumble into the castle, but unlike other stories where they get chased out of it or killed, the ones who stumble into this castle remain permanent guests who are well accommodated as they are offered the best food and servants to be at their service.

Those who live in the castle often tend to explore the other worlds which is one of the best parts of the series, you get to read about the vast imagination of this author and see what kind of other worlds he creates.

One of those doors happens to lead a portal straight to Earth and a few characters who you get to meet first in this Castle Perilous book review will take a little trip to Earth. Some of the fascinating characters that are presented in these series are Gene, Snowclaw, and Linda.

They too stumble inside the walls in the castle, but when they do they discover that the castle is actually under siege and in danger by the rejected and abandoned ex-lover of the castle’s current owner. The stories that this castle can tell are definitely something that will make sure you are never bored as you read every single of the nine books inside this series.

It all starts with the novel named Castle Perilous which was released in 1988. After a series of releasing other novels, the author actually stopped and the latest novel, The Pirates of Perilous, was released in 2015, 10 years after its prequel Bridge of the Castle.

Hopefully, this book review of Castle Perilous has managed to introduce you to what kind of adventure fantasy story you can expect in each of the novels in the series. If you are a fan of fun and exciting fantasy worlds filled with magical adventures, then this series will be worth your time.


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