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Cat Karina Book Review (2021)

Michael G. Coney

Award-Winning author of mainly science fiction novels and similar short stories, Michael G. Coney brings you another one of his novels. This time about a world that is occupied by a few different species, as well as humans.


Other popular works from Michael include the ones in the series that this one belongs to, called Song of Earth, as well as Hello Summer, Goodbye, Syzygy, Brontomek!, and many more.

On top of being a great author, Michael has also had a career as a chartered accountant which followed in him becoming a Management Consultant. Enough about him, let’s see what this book review of Cat Karina must show you about the novel itself.

Cat Karina Book

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Wild Imagination

In this book, Coney lets his imagination flow freely as he comes up with a future version of Earth where nothing is the same as we know it today. On this version of Earth, the once large population of humans is now but a mere small one as very few humans have lasted.

On the other hand, the lack of humans is made up for with the planet being populated by a few different species. All of these species are either mutated and evolved versions of genetical experiments done a while ago or are here thanks to their alien ancestors who came to Earth a very long time ago.


The first species that live here on this Earth now that you get to meet from our review of Cat Karina book are the Cai-Men.

The Cai-Men are crocodile-like beings that also had crocodile ancestors and are a species who were initially bred for solitary work in the swampy lands. Thanks to their obvious advantage for the swamps, they are perfect for this type of job and can do it with ease, unlike the humans which will have a pretty hard time there.


Next are the shrugleggers, described in the novel as sturdy bearers of burdens, these creatures are descendants from an alien race that came to earth so long ago that no one even remembers anymore what they looked like when they first came to Earth. That’s definitely a pretty long time.


And last, but surely not least, probably the most prestigious race of all, the Felinas. Cat-like creatures who had jaguar ancestors, beautiful, smart, cunning. They can be described as very attractive creatures that have made a reputation for themselves as the most successful species among the ones that live on Earth.

This particular story of Cat Karina focuses on Karina herself. The most gorgeous of all of the Felinas, and it shows the story of her destiny, and how she is destined to change the world. If you like this review and are interested in Coney’s work, take a look at our The Celestial Steam Locomotive book review.

Just an Introduction

The things that we mentioned in our book review of Cat Karina are only the introduction to this wonderful story by Coney as the real story is about to begin as you read about Karina and her great journey of changing the world. This is actually only the first book from the four-part book series, called Song of Earth.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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