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The Celestial Steam Locomotive Book Review (2021)

Michael G. Coney

This novel is the first of a science fiction series by author Michael G. Coney. The series is called Song of Earth and this novel proves like the perfect start to an unforgettable science fiction story. In the novel, you get to read about a plot about the planet Earth and the events that take place in many years into the future.

Song of Earth Series

This book review of The Celestial Steam Locomotive shows you what to expect from the novel and how this interesting science fiction series by Michael Coney starts. You can also take a look at another book written by Coney, Cat Karina book!

The Celestial Steam Locomotive Book

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Complex Story

We can definitely say that the story inside this novel is a bit complex, but that’s one of the many things that makes it great to read. What’s even better is that you get to meet a few very interesting and unique characters who will guide you on this journey that they are about to take part in themselves.

The Great Migration

First, the author explains that in this future Earth, many people have decided to leave the planet in an event called the Great Migration, but most of the ones who were left on Earth now live in huge domes that are controlled by a very powerful computer called the Rainbow. In fact, the ones who stay in the domes are actually in eternal sleep and live in a virtual reality created by the Rainbow called Dream Earth.

The ones who don’t live in the domes have boring old normal lives close outside the domes and prove to be very unsatisfied with their lives. That’s when you meet one of the main characters in the book.

The Rainbow

Manuel is a young artist who lives in a nearby village and leads a very stagnant life. He manages to get himself involved in something more interesting and bigger than himself as he finds out that the Rainbow, the intelligent computer who runs the Dream World, has become paranoid and was acting super reckless.

The Rainbow has managed to consume a man called the Mole because he has proven to be a threat to this computer because he has managed to understand something greater than all of them, even Rainbow.

The Triad

After finding out this in the novel and in this The Celestial Steam Locomotive book review, Manuel along with an old man and a girl form a team called The Triad and enter the Dream Earth to rescue the Mole and restore balance. They must face difficult situations and manage to get the Rainbow back to normal.

They are not totally alone in this unknown world as they do have a powerful guide on their side known as Starquin the Omniscient who helps them on this thrilling but dangerous journey.

Worth a Read

If you enjoy how the novel sounds in this book review of The Celestial Steam Locomotive, then be sure to check out the book for yourself and if you like it, continue with the whole series after. They are definitely worth the read as the story is a wonderful science fiction masterpiece.

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