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Chaining The Lady Book Review (2021)

Piers Anthony

This novel is the direct sequel to Cluster and is the second novel of the Cluster series by science fiction author Piers Anthony. You can find other amazing works from him in our article about the best Piers Anthony books.

Cluster Book Series

He has written such a complex plot with this series of his that it takes a bit of focusing on the story and even more on the characters in order to understand the full concept of what he is trying to show his fans.

Chaining The Lady Book

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Vast and Unpredictable World

The world withing the series is vast and unpredictable, the characters come and go easily as danger is around every corner, and the enemy sides that you get to meet throughout the series are merciless when it comes to getting what they want and making sure things always go their way. This book review of Chaining The Lady will show you a brief description of what you can expect in this novel.

Sphere Sol

First, a little reminder of the first novel, Cluster, as the story from there continues here. In the first book from the Cluster series, we discovered that Sphere Sol was going to be given a very powerful energy transferring secret that had the ability to transfer many kinds of energy from one place to another and could even transfer Kirlian aura which gives it the ability to transfer one’s mind to another body.

The enemy of Sphere Sol, the Andromeda Galaxy wanted to steal this secret for their own and attempt to  steal the energy of the entire Milky Way for their own benefits. We met a brave character in that book named Flint who was on a mission to stop the Andromeda from stealing this powerful secret.

Government Infiltrated

Now, the story continues yet again as the Andromeda has infiltrated deep into the government of Sphere Sol to ruin their plans and revive their plot of stealing the energy of the Milky Way Galaxy. However, this time the Andromeda has discovered a secret of their own which just might help them with their plans.

They have discovered a way of involuntary hosting, a higher-Kirlian aura can possess an individual of a lower-Kirlian aura. This is what had initially enabled the Andromeda to infiltrate the highest levels of the government of Sphere Sol.


Now we introduce you to a new character from the novel in this Chaining The Lady book review, Melody. She is a descendant of Flint, the hero we met in the first book and is on a mission to interrogate a captured transferee of Andromedan origin.

Melody is actually hosted in the young and gorgeous body of Yael of Dragon and like her ancestor Flint, she is now responsible for finding a way to put an end to this Andromedan threat once and for all and save the galaxy at the same time.

Dangerous Action

She is definitely in for some dangerous action which you can read all about from the book itself and definitely feel excited as the story continues in the next book of the series, Kirlian Quest. If you already know what this book is about, we covered the last book of the series as well. Take a look at our Viscous Circle book review.

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