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From a Changeling Star Book Review (2021)

Jeffrey A. Carver

This science fiction novel is by author Jeffrey A. Carver which brings you the story of a mission to save an entire world and maybe more. You are about to read a brief explanation about the story in this novel from our book review of From a Changeling Star.

Urgent Mission

Jeffrey tells you about a mission that is very urgent and one of the most important ones that has a shot of saving the entire human race from a giant star that is about to go supernova called Betelgeuse. The book starts as the author explains the two forces that are putting everything aside, their fight, their disability to agree on anything except this project that proves dangerous for both of them.

From a Changeling Star Book

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Alliance Tension

The tension between the Tandesko Triune and the Auricle Alliance is finally low as they both work on figuring out a way to save everyone from the massive and life-threatening event that is about to happen. The project is called Starmuse and it actually can’t succeed without one last and very important component that they are missing, astronomer Willard Ruskin.

Kantano’s World

As we introduce you to the character that is taking over the story from here in our From a Changeling Star book review, you find out a lot about this character as he is actually nowhere near where he is supposed to be as he finds himself on Kantano’s World dealing with a battle of his own. He must first save himself if he is to save the entire human race as he discovers that he has been infected with countless numbers of tiny artificially intelligent nanomachines and he doesn’t know why or who did this to him.

Personal Salvation

He realizes this as these machines are affecting his appearance, his own memories, and they even go as deep as changing his very DNA. But he still has time, time to figure out how to save himself from this threat and to figure out how to get to Betelgeuse and complete project Starmuse.

Even in Death

Many depend on Willard now as you can see from this book review of From a Changeling Star, even he has no one else to save him from this threat within him that even death won’t be able to rescue him from. You can find more books from his talented mind in our selection of the best Jeffrey A. Carver books.

Suspenseful Story

The story that you get to read about in this amazing science fiction book by Jeffrey Carver is definitely a fascinating, thrilling, and very suspenseful one, as the humans don’t have much time and everything seems like it is constantly going downhill. You get to see how events turn out beyond the secrets that we unveil in this book review of From a Changeling Star and see for yourself if this book meets your expectations of excitement.


It sure does meet ours as a story like this is super fun to read thanks to the time-sensitive adventure and the huge risk that is at stake, but what is even more exciting is the fact that there is a sequel to this book by Jeffrey in his series called Starstream of which this one happens to be the first book in. We recommend to check out our Seas of Ernathe book review. It is another brilliant book written by Carver.

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