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Chess for Kids Book Review (2021)

Michael John Basman

Michael John Basman was born on the 16th of March, 1946, in London, United Kingdom. Michael is a renowned English Chess player, author and also an International Master.


Speaking of being an International Master, Michael was awarded the title in 1980. The peak rating that Michael boasted was during the year of 1971, namely in July, and that rating was calculated to be around 2410 – quite a rating if we may say.

Chess for Kids Book

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Amazing Writer

Being a prolific writer, Michale has contributed astoundingly to the field of chess, most notably the segment of openings and such, but is also known to be a wonderful writer of chess for the youngest of us. As such, we are going to give you our book review of Chess for Kids.

Astonishingly Helpful

Chess for Kids by Michael Basman was published in the year of 2006. In this brilliant volume by Michael, he starts out by granting the reader a very direct and short, but all the more succinct explanation of the history of chess.

Then, he goes on to elaborate on how each of the pieces on the board ought to move. Children find Basman’s book(s) astonishingly helpful, while they discover and learn of brand-new vistas that pertain to the game of chess.

Only 50 Pages Needed

Superb examples are presented, too, so as to aid the reader all the more. Even players that have some experience in the royal game might find the book a great one for revising and refreshing their already-acquired knowledge, even though it’s primarily meant for children.

The most shocking part of this all, is that Basman accomplishes this in a breezy fifty pages. And not at one point does he fall into rushing over or not explaining everything that he mentions. In fact, the lengths of meticulous care that Basman utilizes remains as striking as ever.

Amusing and Genuine

Everything that Basman tries to do – and, spoiler alert, succeeds in flying colors – is directed, at all times, towards making the best book possible for children to find amusing. This precisely is why Basman’s legacy is one that only the greats can compare to while remaining genuine.

Nothing Left Unexplained

Basman leaves nothing unspoken of or unexplained, even going so far as to elaborate on very significant tactics and, most notably, the endgame. Basman is imperturbable in his efforts for making a book that kids from around the world can learn from and love ardently.

Michael Englert
Michael Englert
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