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Child of Venus Book Review (2021)

Pamela Sargent

Child of Venus is the third book in a row from author Pamela Sargent’s science fiction series called Venus. We included this series in our review of the 5 best Pamela Sargent books.

Venus Series

It follows the events of its two prequels and the ones of the first book where a girl worked day and night to make her dream come true, she makes the planet Venus habitable to humans which then leads to the colonization of Venus with the colonies of humans that are now called Cytherians.

Child of Venus Book

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No Full Freedom

In this book, you get to read about the events that are currently happening on Venus, what the people are doing now and what kinds of problems are presenting themselves as you read. Find out all of this in our Child of Venus book review. If you want to learn more about previous books, check out our Venus Of Dreams book review.

The terraformed Venus that was made habitable centuries ago is now populated by the Cytherians and they actually still live in huge domes that are very well suited for life but still lack the full freedom of the whole planet as was promised by their descendants.

Catastrophic Events

Some manage to get very angry and lose their patience for this promise which leads to catastrophic events. This might be the result of the devastation that happens in this world as the opposing religious sides with their cult leaders manage to go to war and eventually destroy themselves with their actions of treachery and despair.

Mahala Lianghard

In all of this that is going on, you meet a truly fascinating character who gets involved in the story as you will find out all about her in this Child of Venus book review. Her name is Mahala Lianghard and she is described as a true child of Venus as she was conceived from the rebels’ genetic material and was gestated after their death.


Mahala is looked by people from different perspectives as some believe that she is a truly wonderful gift who came to help in the darkest of times and others believe that she never should have been even born.

These things are definitely making her conflicts about herself more difficult as she is still trying to figure out what to do and how to handle her birthright which is the devotion to the Project. Things get even more interesting as we explain what more is going on in our book review of Child of Venus.


The people on Venus are actually seeking more independence and the bond between Venus and the home planet Earth is getting thinner and if that wasn’t enough, they are getting some serious threats from the cybernetically enhanced dwellers of the mobile asteroid habitats, called Habbers. Things are getting crazier by the minute as more and more problems present themselves.

How Will It End?

You get to find out how Mahala and the people handle these things, will the Habbers bring more death to this planet and how far will the Project improve? All of this will be made clear as you read the book for yourself and if you want to understand everything better, then be sure to check out the whole series in order.

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