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Christmas Moon Book Review (2021)

Elizabeth Lane

Christmas Moon is a fictional historical romance story by author Elizabeth Lane who prefers to write this type of fiction stories that add a lot of meaning to the characters inside and prove to be very enjoyable and relaxing to read for her fans. You will get to find out what to expect from this story by Elizabeth from our book review of Christmas Moon.

Emma Carlyle

As the author starts the story, she sets a nice mood on Christmas time and introduces the first character that you get to meet, a pregnant history teacher called Emma Carlyle who is actually not married and will have the burden of raising her child alone.

Christmas Moon Book

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Worst Christmas Ever!

Emma actually feels that this might just be the worst Christmas of her life as she really is down on her luck being an unwed pregnant lady and all and, on top of that, she has to do a lot of research on a historical figure called J.D. McNulty, a legendary Wyoming lawman, and she has to do this for her master’s thesis, so it is pretty important. Important enough for her to drive all the way to South Pass City on Christmas eve where J.D. McNulty was buried.

Magical Twist

After finishing her research there, the magical twist of the story finally arrives as you will see in our Christmas Moon book review. On her drive home, Emma manages to get herself into a horrible storm and loses her way home. After some struggling through the storm, she vanishes and experiences a weird sensation only to find herself in the year 1870.

Oh, this twist will definitely make the book double the exciting as another thrilling surprise comes her way. After ending up in this unknown land, frozen and in labor, Emma sees a cabin very close and knocks on the door only to witness J.D. McNulty himself open the door.

Growing Relationship

We won’t spoil how she feels when she first sees him in our Christmas Moon book review, but one thing we can say for sure is that from there, the book just keeps getting better and better. The pages ahead of you hold some pretty amazing conversations, a relationship between these two characters that quickly grows stronger and stronger.

A Few Weeks Later

There is just one thing that Emma can’t get off her mind and if you remember, she did do a lot of research on this guy and it just so happens that he dies just a few weeks after she met him from what she has read from the history books. If you are looking for more books written by this brilliant author, we have for you Mistress of the Morning Star book review. Check it out!

What’s Next?

Now come some questions about what will happens next, if her being there can actually change history and avoid the death of J.D., will she manage to get back to her own time? Find out these things and more as you read the book for yourself and experience a truly exciting historical romance and fiction story by Elizabeth Lane.

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