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The Client from Hell and Other Publishing Satires Book Review (2021)

Richard Curtis

Richard Curtis, the author of this humorous and pretty educational book is a person who tends to write both fiction and non-fiction books that always bring a bit of valuable information to his readers.

Super Funny

This one is exactly that kind of book and it’s definitely worth a read if you are a previous fan of Richard’s as it is a short book of around 100 pages that is sure to make you laugh and teach you a thing or two about the publishing industry. He also wrote another book on this topic, check out This Business of Publishing book review.

The Client from Hell and Other Publishing Satires Book

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The Client From Hell 7.88/10 108 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Different Title

The Client from Hell and Other Publishing Satires actually went previously by another title, Fool for and Agent. No matter what the title is, our book review of The Client from Hell and Other Publishing Satires will be sure to explain what this book is all about and how it can help those who read it. If you like this book, you might want to take a look at our Mastering the Business of Writing book review.

Curtis has made sure to make this book both fun to read with a pretty funny story and filled with valuable content about the publishing industry and what are some smart choices in his opinion that could help someone out a lot.

Science Fiction Version of Reality

You might be thinking that this is just some old story that explains some facts that Curtis has learned in his years working in the publishing industry. But no, you are very wrong. This particular story from Richard is one with alien worlds, weird alien races, space adventures, and hilarious and unique characters.

Alien Space Explorer

As the book begins, we meet an alien space explorer who is on a mission to find other intelligent worlds like his and discover new mysteries of other worlds and other alien beings. This specific alien space traveler discovers a weird new world that is inhabited by species known as publishers.

World Called Earth

As you can see from the story in the book, he immediately regrets finding out about this world and leaves it without the intention of ever coming back. However, another voyager finds himself visiting this world called Earth and starts doing business with a literary agent to represent his book and movie rights. This freelancer writer gets pretty mad over the deal he sees and the royalty statement that he drills his publisher with a gun, believe it or not.

Funny Situations

I hope that you can see where this story is going as it is one that is filled with tons funny situations like this one that can just crack you up by the very things that are happening in the real publishing industry in the real world as Richard is trying to explain through this story. For more amazing books, we recommend our selection of the best Richard Curtis books.

Publishing Industry

Try not to take every situation in this book literally as Curtis is definitely making it as fun for reading as possible through these characters but is definitely spreading some knowledge about the publishing industry that can be easily understood through the stories in this book. If you are a fan of science fiction and find the publishing industry amusing, then this is the right book for you.

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Michael Englert
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