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Climb The Wind Book Review (2021)

Pamela Sargent

The author of this epic historical fiction book is Pamela Sargent who has managed to add a variety of awards to her name.


A few great examples of that would be winning the Nebula Award, the Locus Award, the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, the Science Fiction Research Association even honored her with the Pilgrim Award, and a few others.

Some of her novels such as The Golden Space, The Sudden War, and many others have helped her achieve so many awards and build up a great reputation as a brilliant fiction author.

Climb The Wind Book

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Let’s Find Out

Find out what all the hassle about Pamela Sargent is from our book review of Climb The Wind and see what kind of story this novel has to offer. For even more information, check out our selection of the 5 best Pamela Sargent books.

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American Civil War

The story in this book is one that describes the period after the great American civil war, how they now pursue a mission to drive the native people as far away as they can. But we witness this story not from their side, but we read about the American-Indians and their path to reclaiming their land.


An important character in this mission is a man called Touch-the-Clouds who has a plan to reunite the tribes from the nearby plains and stop the fast-growing US that is taking their land. He is inspired by the story of Genghis Khan and the wonderful achievements of his and his mighty horseman and how they had risen from the Mongolian plains and successfully conquered the empire of the East.

Touch-the-Clouds has this inspiration on his side, as well as the motivation of a woman who has the gift of seeing prophecies, and a Russian spy, exiled from Alaska, who proves himself very useful. Grigory Rubalev, the Russian spy, relates to the story and mission of Touch-the-Clouds and is keen on helping him in his quest.

Katia and Lemuel

Contrary to some beliefs, this is not actually a story where you get to read about lots of fighting, military strategies, killing, and so on, but it is a story that is mainly viewed through the eyes of two characters, Katia and Lemuel. Katia is only one of the two survivors who lived in the village that was attacked by the blue coat soldiers.

After that attack, Katia has the ability to see important visions which is why she had the attention of Touch-the-Clouds. Lemuel, on the other hand, is an orphan who was raised by a white family. He becomes an aide to a general and after the civil war, travels back to the plains where he doesn’t actually feel at home and fears that the might of the US Army will be bringing trouble to these plains very soon.

Question Answered

We let you know in our Climb The Wind book review that through the book, Pamela Sargent has answered the question of what it would be like if these people from the plains had actually united and pushed on to reclaim their world in her own way. It is definitely an interesting story that acts as a unique answer to that question that will be most fun to read for many.

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