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Cluster Book Review (2021)

Piers Anthony

Cluster is the first book of a science fiction series also called Cluster and is written by author Piers Anthony. This fantasy science fiction saga continues on for another four books which tell the whole story in a total of 5 connected books. Read our selection of the best Piers Anthony books if you want to find out more about him and his works.

Cluster Series

A lot of things happen in this interesting world created by Piers and you also get to meet many amusing and unique characters. Some of the first ones you meet in the first book will go on to continue the story in the next few books and make sure to bring the excitement along with them.

If you want to know a bit more about this first book and the series itself, then have a look at this book review of Cluster. We covered the second book as well, take a look at our Chaining The Lady book review.

Cluster Book

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Fictional World

It’s a story that talks about a fictional world that spans a few galaxies wide. Through the entire book, you meet a variety of characters who, some of which, start out as enemies only to end up united.

You get to see wondrous powers that hold unimaginable secrets and opportunities for both creation and destruction, you meet the ones who want to cause chaos and the ones who desperately try to stop it.


Among the first characters you will read about is Flint, he is a green-skin carver from the Outerworld and he quickly becomes an important character who has an even more important role to play in what is about to come.

The story first opens with the alien envoy Pnotl of Sphere Knyfh as it attempts to convince the cooperation of Sphere Sol, a wide area among the galaxies. Knyfh proposes to give this Sphere Sol an astonishing new source of power that would allow for transferring energy.

One Condition

The inhabitants of the Andromeda Galaxy learn about this new source of power that is going to be given to Sphere Sol under the condition that they would spread it to their neighboring spheres. They wish to steal it for their own purposes which are to steal the energy from the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

This energy transferring knowledge would have the ability to transfer even Kirlian aura which means that one person could transfer their entire mind into another host.

Important Missions

The Flint character which we mentioned above in our Cluster book review is working for the benefit of Sphere Sol and goes on several missions to bring this technology to the neighboring spheres.

His efforts, however, come with a few bumps as a female agent for the Andromeda Galaxy tries to stop him and steal it from Flint. Soon after they meet each other, they discover that their auras are uncontrollably attracted to each other which makes the job of killing one another more difficult.

Just the Beginning

This is the mere beginning of a long and adventurous story that is filled with much action and suspense. It is definitely too long to be described entirely in one book review of Cluster which is why you can see what happens for yourself as you start reading the whole series.

To learn more about the third book of the series, check out our Kirlian Quest book review. You can also read about another book by Anthony, that we covered in our review, Viscous Circle book.

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