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The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden Book Review (2021)

Jessica Sorensen

Jessica Sorensen is one very creative and amusing author to follow. Jessica comes from the mountain-line of Wyoming, in the United States. Jessica’s novels are notable for many a reason; for one, they have been on coveted bestseller lists like the NYT and USA Today lists.

Sorensen’s novels are also known to have been a driving force in the NA subgenre and she is a beloved author whose works are devoured immediately upon publication. Most notably, Jessica writes in the fantasy, YA, and NA genres.

The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden Book

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Other Works

The most famous series that Jessica has worked on are her The Secret (learn more about it in our The Secret of Ella and Micha book review), Unraveling, Death Collectors and Death Collectors X, Unbeautiful, and Shattered Promises series. They are brilliant works, all of them. Fans adore Jessica for two reasons: her works are nothing short of superb and she publishes pretty often. In terms of standalone works, though, Jessica has only released but one book, her The Forgotten Girl.

When the time allows it or wills it, Jessica loves to hang around with her family, enjoy the little things in life, and she likes reading quite a bit. With that noted, we can now give our book review.

The Coincidence Series

This book is quite often seen as the best novel of Jessica Sorensen and after reading the book, it is quite evident why. The book is a part of Sorensen’s The Coincidence series which has eight works in total in its composition, seven main novels, and one tie-in. The book was published in the year of 2012. It can be also found on our list of the best college romance books.

With a name as conspicuous as The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden, it is rather manifest who the main characters might be. Callie, herself, is a young girl who makes a genuine effort not to be noticed, not to be in the limelight of talks, and just to go about her life on her own.

Turn For Worse

She is wont to wear clothes that, in the eyes of her peers, don’t do wonders for her figure, and her makeup is always a bit excessive. This aspect of Callie lends the people around her the chance to often ridicule her, though she doesn’t exactly mind them. For one, Callie was once a fairly run of the mill girl, though life and things around her took a turn for quite the worst.

Following her twelfth birthday, Callie changed a bit. She isn’t the same girl she was just a little while back and her inhibitions now entail a person trying to be invisible. The fact that she was abused at so young age leaves Callie traumatized for the rest of her life. She is very much unwilling to be like her coevals and tries to just go through the motions that she has to.

Story to Tell

She and Kayden had been residents in the same town since they were born. They were students in the same school, were friends with the same group, though they were never close. Sure, they had encounters at times, but they were never involved in each other.

However, like Callie, Kayden has a story to tell, but he isn’t eager to spill the beans. It was Callie that saved Kayden, though it isn’t in our power to explain what this means to Kayden and what exactly happened.

A Paint Job Doesn’t Hide Our Pain

On the exterior, Kayden has all that he could ever want: a pretty, popular significant other, a beautiful, spacious house, and a scholarship for college. However, when he is inside this spacious home of his, things go on that no one save Kayden and his dad know.

The depths of Kayden’s darkness are like those of the pit. Kayden is normal on the outside, though he can’t exactly put his mind at ease with his abusive dad at home and always thinking about the person that saved him. When college time comes around, he is both away from his dad and he is going to school. It just so happens that both he and Callie are going to the same school and here they meet.


Kayden is very grateful for what Callie helped him with and he is quite vocal about this to her. Callie, on the other hand, has only ever been forthright with her best friend Seth, though she does seem to have taken a fondness for Kayden. The two of them, along with their respective friends, Luke and Seth, begin spending time together.

Though Kayden has a girlfriend, Daisy, he still hangs around Callie quite a lot and he feels things for her. He isn’t used to feeling things with how his life is, but Callie has that effect on him. Callie still bears her own troubles with becoming intimate, both on an emotional and physical level, but Kayden seems to be right for her.

Last Thoughts

Now, this isn’t just a story about two people searching for their peace of mind or just trying to save someone to feel good about themselves. When a sidelong glance is taken of Kayden and Callie’s lives and their interactions, one can see how close they have been despite not knowing it and when they finally make the effort, it feels so right; it’s almost as if we have been waiting for them to get together this whole time. The Redemption of Callie & Kayden is the sequel to this book and we cannot recommend it enough!

Alissa Wynn
Alissa Wynn
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