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Consequences Book Review (2021)

Aleatha Romig

Talented authoress Aleatha Romig was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States of America, but was raised in Mishawaka. Romig is an American writer, whose works fall into a few genres, namely suspense, romance, and thriller.

Her works have been featured on bestselling lists like the USA Today and Wall Street Journal ones, but even on the New York Times bestseller list, too.

Consequences Book

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Life and Career

Aleatha has been with her husband for north of thirty years now; in fact, they have been together since their high school days. Together, they have had 3 kids, in total. In the beginning, Romig devoted her days to work as a dental hygienist, while during the night she would write, write, and write. The first novel of Romig was published in 2011 and she has been very successful.

In her free time, Romig cherishes all of the time she can spend with her friends and family. At the present moment, Romig resides in the south of Indianapolis, Indiana. Now, having noted all of that, we can proceed with our book review.

Consequences Series

Consequences book was the first novel that Aleatha Romig ever published. To this day, it stands as the writer’s most inventive and most intriguing to read and indulge in. It is a part of her same-titled series, which is consisted of five novels and a couple of tie-ins. Consequences book was published in the year of 2011.

The main character is none other than Claire Nichols. Claire is, at first sight, a run of the mill twenty-six-year-old. For a time, Claire was employed as a meteorologist, however the Channel she worked for went through some issues and it was sold away.

Different Job

As it happens, Claire had to settle for a different job and she took up bartending. Surely it wasn’t what she thought her life would come to, but you have to do with what is given to you and make the best of the situation.

One day, as it so happens, Claire is working the bar when an enigmatic, alluring man steps in and the two have a short conversation. He introduces himself as Rawlings, Anthony Rawlings. Because of this character, we included the book in our selection of the best alpha male romance books.

Familiar Name

Claire is certain of having heard the name, but she can’t exactly piece together where it is familiar. Nonetheless, Anthony asks Claire out for a drink or two after her shift and she says yes.

They get to know each other and Anthony even makes a joke about helping Claire out with her debts; in an attempt to go with the flow, Claire signs a napkin, without knowing what she was getting herself into. On the date, she finds that Claire is a meticulous, pleasant individual.

Sleep-Induced Terror

Her findings, though, are quite contrastingly challenged upon her awakening. She wakes up, but she isn’t at her own home. As it turns out, Claire discovers that she has been taken and kidnapped and she has no clue where she could be. The mystery about who took her soon comes to an end as Anthony makes his entrance.

Mr. Rawlings explains to Claire that she signed a deal binding herself to him and that she would work for him until everything is paid for. Her liberty is no longer hers and has to follow completely and obsequiously whatever it is that Anthony sets for her.

Vicious Person

Anthony doesn’t waste any time telling Claire what the rules are: she is dress in the clothes he sets for her, she can have absolutely no contact with anyone else, his permission is very important and failing in public will be reprimanded. It is sufficed to say that Rawlings can be a very vicious person; Tony abuses Claire quite a lot, he hits her, even rapes her.

For the length of her stay with him, Claire is to stay in a suite in Tony’s mansion. During the starting stages of Claire’s confinement, Anthony is an exceedingly brazen, cold-hearted, and even detached person. Knowing that Anthony is a billionaire and that he regularly gives tons of money to charities and good causes is only yet another disconcerting factor for Claire.

Becoming a Slave to Our Urges

She is frightened beyond explanation, but she has to follow Tony’s demands. As time passes, Claire has become completely submissive to Anthony’s asking. Liking this side of Claire, Tony seems to ease up with his deplorable attitude, which befuddles Claire.

She despises him and all that he stands for, yet he starts treating her, insofar as it could be referred in that manner, kindly. This side of Tony does prove, however, to be a soothing factor as Claire feels attracted to him now.

Candid Attraction

Though it was a ghastly, horrible thought at the time, Claire now genuinely wants to please Tony and his desires. Claire wants to make Tony proud and to fulfill his every need. These desires of hers aren’t ones built up just out of her submissiveness, but also out of her candid attraction towards him; Claire actually falls for Tony and, quite like each time he would slap her, she falls hard.

There’s More

The story is a genuinely scary one, yet bares an allure and once it has its grip on the reader, it never quite gives up. Our Consequences book review feels that this is one dark tale of fatal attraction and we cannot recommend it enough. The Consequences series has quite a few more novels in its composition and the tenebrous storylines only get darker, more entrancing, and scarier to read.

Alissa Wynn
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