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Cut & Run Book Review (2021)

Abigail Roux

Superb authoress Abigail Roux was born on the 21st of May, 1982, in Salem, North Carolina, United States of America. Abigail Roux most often writes in the romance genre, with her subgenre of choice being gay and lesbian romance, but she likes writing mystery and thriller novels, as well.

Her novels have garnered her quite a large following and a devoted fan base. You can also find it on our list of the best gay romance books.

Cut & Run Book

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Life and Career

As we noted, Abigail was born and brought up in Salem, North Carolina. At one point in her life, Roux was an avid volleyball player and even a star. Right now, Roux spends a portion of her time coaching volleyball players at high school. Additionally, she is a single mother to a wonderful young daughter. Other than her remarkable devotion to writing and reading, Abigail Roux follows the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Braves and their games.

Along with her daughter, Abigail Roux has four kittens with whom she lives, a boxer, and her extended family lives very nearby. Of course, being a talented novelist predisposes Abigail to have a lot of characters dwelling and living in her mind. With all of that noted, we can now give our book review.

Cut & Run Series

Abigail Roux wrote the thrilling and this satisfying novel along with fellow author Madeleine Urban. The duo even ended up creating a series of the same title that they contributed to together. The series consists of a total of nine works, with a tie-in novel or two as an addition. Noteworthy is that the vast majority of the novels were written by Roux, singlehandedly. Cut & Run was published in the year of 2008.

New York City has frequently throughout history been the playground for serial killers and their devious, fiendish crimes. Likewise, we are lucky that New York City has had many brave police investigators and detectives to combat against these dastardly beings.

Keen Interest

In Cut & Run, we see how a couple of murders have stumped the residents of the City, as well as the police force. It is widely believed that the perpetrator is just one person, seeing as they have the idea that the murderer might be attempting to get a message through. However, the Federal Bureau of Investigation take a keen interest when two of their agents are taken out.

Who Are the Main Characters?

The two main characters of the story are special agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett. Grady was taken out of undercover duty when the case took a bad turn. Ty is obnoxious, vitriolic, but he also happens to be a great agent. When Grady is told that Garrett and he are going to be partners, he is less than joyous.

Garrett, himself, is a near-archetypical example of what one expects a special agent to be; he is a level-headed, reasonable, sensible individual. The duo seems to be a case of the whole good cop and bad cop shtick, though when one prods deeper into their minds and their motivations, the story takes a much more nuanced dimension.

Another Murder

Just prior to the assignment’s eventful beginning, they get word that the killer has taken yet another life. This time, it’s dear to them. The belief now turns to the perpetrator being one of the FBI’s members, seeing as how the information got around so swiftly.

Accordingly, they are forced to work together before their immediate relatives and loved ones bite the proverbial bullet, or, even worse, they might end up being the victims of this demon that assails the city. We learn of the characters as the story progresses, the tension gets tenser, and the murders get more murderously elaborate.

Hard-Wrought Men, but Brilliant Agents

On the one hand, Zane Garrett’s capabilities are all due to his exceptional mind and unflinching volition. However, when we look into the backdrop of Garrett’s wise, we see that his wife had died half a decade ago. This was a terrible time for Zane and he barely let go of the addictions that had nested in his mind. Thankfully, his indomitable determination prevailed in the end and he turned his life back around. Now, he isn’t going to back down to a loose cannon like Ty.

Ty Grady, on the other hand, worked in the marine corps for a time, after which he took to being an undercover special agent. The capabilities and his aptness for dispatching of any threat, along with the catlike instincts he boasts are all thanks to his time spent in the service. He even had a partner whom he cared for quite a lot. When his partner was killed, Grady was devastated and his sense of survivor’s guilt hasn’t let up one bit since that fateful day.

Can They Get Over Their Differences?

The two work together in spite of their various differences. They are both exceptionally smart, bright, clever, and their wise quips and banter are ones to lighten up the dreadful mood of the murderous rampage that is rampant.

With time, though, the two build a strong sense of trust between them, but even more than that the prevailing ultra-masculinity and tension bring forth something they’d both not expected.

Deeper Dimension

With a very calm tilt of the head, leaving the eye contact in an awkward state, Zane plants his lips upon those of Ty. Their story gains an even deeper dimension. Now they have one more thing to care for – each other – as they try to get to the bottom of the killer’s identity.

But, their romance isn’t one that will end with the culprit’s discovery: it will last for a long time to come, no doubt. That is, assuming they don’t fall prey to the serial killer. If our Cut & Run book review intrigued the meticulous reader, then the series holds many more stories to pique that fervent interest that we only poked at.

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