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Dangerous Waters Book Review (2021)

Bill Eidson

Dangerous Waters is another one of Bill Eidson’s outstanding and unique thriller novels that always introduce you to new characters who get mixed up into some crazy and uncontrollable situations.

Dangerous People

A lot of dangerous people are involved in his stories and they always manage to fill a lot of much-needed suspense to the plot which is what makes Bill Eidson stand out in the author’s world. If you are interested in his books, we recommend his first book, The Little Brother.

Dangerous Waters Book

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Non-Calculated Risk

This time, you get to read about a man who has everything in life that he could ask for and by thinking he was doing something good, he manages to get into some messed up things and loses a lot. Find out what happens to this man’s life in this book review of Dangerous Waters.

Riley Burke

The character that is taking you on a tour around his soon to become very complicated life is a guy named Riley Burke. Riley has almost everything in his life that an average person could ask for, a lot of money thanks to this very successful advertising agency, a huge and astonishing house, an elegant and expensive boat, and a very gorgeous wife.

But, he just so happens to not be satisfied enough from one thing in his life, his beautiful wife. After ten long years of being married, Riley gets involved in the first affair he has ever had with a woman who is an account executive at his firm, a girl named Ellen.

Going to Get Worse

So far, from what you can see in this book review of Dangerous Waters, Riley’s life isn’t all the odd as rich people often tend to be involved in affairs, nothing out of the ordinary. But Riley’s life is about to get more interesting and in a bad way.

It all happens one day as Riley and his new lover meet at Newport Harbor for the launch of his boat, Riley spots a young man in danger near them who is being attacked by an aggressive thug.

Slightly Drunk

The thing is, Riley was a bit drunk at that time so that’s maybe what inspired his courage and made him get involved. And this was the event the set of a series of events that got poor Riley involved in some dangerous stuff

– hence the title Dangerous Waters. You find out from our Dangerous Waters book review that this fight at the harbor was between the young-looking man named Cory who was a drug dealer and a brutal assailant with a Southern accent.

Murder Suspect

After Riley gets involved in this fight, the next day he finds Cory’s body on his boat and a whole lot of cocaine stuffed in his mouth. He sees all of this together with Ellen and he becomes a huge murder suspect and gets into a lot of trouble.

A series of horrible events take place as you read further like Ellen getting killed and the journey of Riley as he tries to clear his name and get his life back together.

Robert Hazley
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