Dark-Hunter Book Series Review (2020)

Dark-Hunter is a book series about a world of vampires and it involves some thrilling adventures, a whole lot of romance, and plenty of unique and memorable characters who will make sure you never feel bored in their world. The series is written by a New York Times Bestselling author, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and it has 21 books that will make sure you pass the time in a fun and exciting way. We are true fans of Kenyon and we covered her name in our selection of the best science fiction romance books as well.

Dark-Hunter Book Series

Night Pleasers

It all begins with Night Pleasers, the first book of the series, and it is where you meet one of the main characters in the series, a Durk Hunter named Kyrian. You find out that Kyrian is a warrior and his immortal lifestyle is unlike anything else. He is a fierce warrior way back from his spartan days and he spends his days now by fighting evil vampires and Daimons that wish harm on humans.

He is the savior of thousands of lives but no one knows who he is. He explains the feeling of what it’s like to be immortal and that he is also a very wealthy man, everything that you read about this man sounds like he is living his best life.

He even says it himself that he loves every minute of his life which is the case until he meets a woman called Amanda Deveraux. The way he meets her is by waking up in her bed, handcuffed. From what we can tell you in this Dark-Hunter book series review, Kyrian quickly falls in love with Amanda but she actually doesn’t want to do anything with the paranormal.

So what is the deal between them? Well, you can find that out for yourself as spoilers like this one will definitely ruin your reading experience. However, if you really want to know more, check out our selection of the best vampire book series, where you can find these books as well. 

Night Play

We skip ahead to the fifth book of the series, Night Play, where you get to meet Bride McTierney. Her past experiences had led her to think that she has had it with men, She describes them as cheap, selfish, and they never truly love her for who she is. From what we have gathered in our book series review of Dark-Hunter, Bride looks like a pretty independent woman, but deep down she is actually a woman who is crying for her knight in shining armor.

If you know the saying “Be careful what you wish for because it just might come true”, that’s exactly the case in her situation as she did actually find her knight in shining armor. The thing is that instead of shining armor, he has a coat of fur.

The character we are talking about is Vane Kattalakis and he is an actual werewolf. He has a lot on his mind like trying to stay alive as many are hunting him so he isn’t exactly looking for a mate, but he still gets Bride. Their relationship proves very fun to read about as it is no ordinary relationship, it’s definitely something that you don’t see, or read about, every day.

So, as you know, Dark Hunters exchange their soul at one point or another in their life for whatever selfish or selfless reason they have, sometimes it is to save themselves, sometimes it is to perform vengeance on someone they hate so much, other times it’s for saving others and so on.

The one thing they all have in common is once they agree to become Dark Hungers, they must stay true to their oath and protect mankind from evil forever.

There are simply too many books to over in just one Dark-Hunter book series review, so we can tell you something about a few more, but hopefully, you got the overall plot of the series and the thrills and adventures that you get to read about, not to mention the passionate romance that is all around.

The Dream Hunter

Let’s move on and skip ahead to the tenth novel of the series, The Dream Hunter, where you get to find out about another amazing character, Arik. The author describes Arik as a predator, one with a dark past that has led to him being condemned by the gods to live a life without any emotions.

An interesting twist in this story is that the only time that Arik can feel emotions again is when he wanders around in the dreams of others, but even then he can’t find any satisfying situations. That is the case until he stumbles upon the dream of Dr. Megeara Kafieri.

He finds something in her dreams, a scenario or adventure that has proven quite exciting and has become a face that Mageara sees many times in her dreams. The story unfolds pretty quickly after he makes his presence clear as they start forming quite an interesting relationship.

Arik seems like he is there to help her, but she doesn’t know the dark secret that Arik is struggling with about the deal he has made with the god Hades. He has offered him two weeks to be a mortal man in exchange for the sacrifice of a human soul which must be returned to Olympus. How this plays out is definitely something that we do not want to spoil for you in this Dark-Hunter book series review.

A probably important fact that you need to know about the novels in this series is that you don’t exactly have to read them in order, the stories are not directly connected with each other and you can choose freely in which order you wish to read them.

Although, as the author progressed in the quality of writing them as she published more, it is recommended that you read them in chronological order as you get to experience the story as she was writing it, one after another.

Definitely give all of the books a read if you have too much free time and if you find the contents in this book series review of Dark-Hunter interesting. Take a look at another amazing work by Kenyon in our review of Born of Night book.


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