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The Dark Light Years Book Review (2021)

Brian Aldiss

The Dark Light Years is a science fiction book by Brian Aldiss that tells a very interesting story that has a hidden meaning at the end. The whole plot of the story leads to a realization that will make you think about what author Brian has written in this novel of his. 

Of course, like any science fiction book, this one is packed with adventure, alien species, wondrous and mysterious secrets, and a lot more thrill and excitement.

The Dark Light Years Book

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Thrilling Science Fiction

If you happen to be a fan of thrilling science fiction stories then be sure to check out what this book review of The Dark Light Years tells you about this novel by Brian Aldiss. If you are interested in his work, check out our selection of the best Brian W. Aldiss books.


This science fiction story involves a world that does include humans and another strange alien species called the Utods. Humans later meet these species face to face but Brian explains their nature and a little bit more about them himself. For more amazing books, take a look at our Galaxies Like Grains of Sand book review.

The Utods are generally happy creatures, pacifists who just enjoy life and have no worries. Although they might not seem like it, they actually are intelligent beings who have developed conscious thought and prefer to be happy by minding their own business.

Exact Opposites

Aldiss describes them as calm creatures who wallow in their own filth and generally look like they don’t give a darn about it. But, as you will see from this The Dark Light Years book review, the humans lead a totally different lifestyle then these Utod aliens.

The humans in this story are very hygienic beings who make sure everything is clean and healthy, they eat perfectly synthesized food and rarely consume meat. Once they encounter a seedpod ship that the Utods use as transport between nearby planets, the humans immediately slaughter a few of the Utods and capture a few alive ones, the rest are taken in to be dissected.

No Pain

Luckily for the Utods, they feel no pain but they are intelligent enough to know how wrong this is. The humans, who count themselves as a superior species and highly advanced can’t seem to figure out how to understand these creatures who choose not to communicate. 

This story definitely turns into a pretty addicting one as you read further. When a scientist discovers that there is an intelligent pattern to the behavior of these creatures, they all understand that they are indeed very smart but choose to live like this which raises another question for the humans, do they really know what intelligence means and they start to think if they might be the ones who are lesser beings.

A Must-Read

From what we can tell you in this book review of The Dark Light Years, this novel by Brian Aldiss is definitely a must-read for both science fiction lovers as well as for readers who enjoy stories of philosophy as these Utod aliens might just teach the humans a thing or two about life and true intelligence. If you like this article, we recommend to take a look at our reviews of The Squire Quartet book series and Life in the West book.

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