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5 Best David Brooks Books (2021)

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David Brooks, while also known widely as a popular commentator on NPR and the PBS NewsHour, is also a very famous American author who was actually born in Canada. He is also an American conservative who writes great political, as well as, cultural content.


A few of this brilliant author’s many achievements are the fact that he has worked as a writer for The New York Times, The Washington Times, he was a reporter and later editor for The Wall Street Journal, a senior editor at The Weekly Standard, and the list just goes on and on.

Best David Brooks Books

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
The Social Animal 8.62/10 424 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Road to Character 8.22/10 320 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Bobos in Paradise 8.14/10 288 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Second Mountain 8.38/10 384 Pages Check Price On Amazon
On Paradise Drive 8.06/10 320 Pages Check Price On Amazon


You will find David brooks by many titles such as commentator, film critic, author, editor, and similar, the fact still remains that he always does an outstanding job at anything he touches.

While we are talking about doing an outstanding job, you can finally find out for yourself about his writing style when you can check out some of the books we have listed in our best books by David Brooks list. These are some that we believe you will definitely like so feel free to browse around.

The Social Animal


Educational Adventure

This is the perfect book to serve as an introduction to the world of David Brooks and to find out why he is a best-selling author.

The Social Animal holds a very educational adventure along with the characters he has invented, Harold and Erica, who will serve as examples of what David is talking about in this book. And what he is talking about is basically life.

Focus on the Brain

However, to be more precise, Brooks focuses on the brain, thanks to his thorough research, he concludes that we have found out more about the human brain in the last thirty years than in the last three thousand combined. He takes you along in the adventures of Harold and Erica as he puts them through an entire life filled with anything he imagines.

Focusing on delivering the message that the unconscious mind is actually a bigger part of the brain than we might think. It serves a big purpose in making every decision we can possibly make and it can be trained to serve us as we please.

Unconscious Mind

It is already trained in the social norms that are predicted for everyone. David explains how the unconscious mind is actually most of the mind and how we can use it to our advantage.

The Social Animal is definitely a book that can give the readers a lot of insight into how they live and how to change the way they see themselves in the world. A book that holds priceless intellectual information about success and achieving everything we possibly can.

The Road to Character


Something Extra

Like many of his books which hold a lot of techniques and lifestyle changes that can increase our chances of finding success and happiness in this world, The Road to Character talks about a lot of that, but it has something a bit extra that might just be the key to the happiness part of life.

Improve Yourself

In this book, David has done a wonderful job of learning from the people who inspire him and using their techniques to better himself, as well as his readers. He focuses on the moral part of our character, after achieving success, riches, fame, he shows us how to better our emotional side, kindness, spirit, and so on.


He has taken inspiration from people like Frances Perkins who is a known labor activist who learned how to suppress needs and parts of herself so she can have the honor of being a part of a larger cause, or Dorothy Day, described as a champion of the poor with a devotion to helping those in need, also, civil rights activist Bayard Rustin who mastered self-discipline which helped him achieve anything he desired and to help others as much as possible.

Spiritual and Emotional Balance

Plenty more inspiring examples are in this book as David intends to show his readers the way to spiritual and emotional balance and how to be at peace. His main focus is to enable us to achieve richer inner lives marked by moral depth with a nice blend of spirituality, politics, and psychology.

Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There


New Social Breed

This book represents a sort of different writing style from this author as he has gone for a bit of a novelistic approach with a nice touch of comedy.

Bobos in Paradise is a book where David introduces us to a new social breed of humans that he has invented a term for called Bourgeois Bohemians, or in short, Bobos.

Vivid Details

They are the new upper class and his comic approach of describing how they got there will surely keep the reader very interested and engaged in the book. He takes his time as he describes amazing details of their lifestyle and what they do, what clothes they wear, what they eat, and so on. He describes them as being big ecologists who use green energy and genuinely care about the environment and use their resources to take care of it.

Smugness Vibe

You might get a bit of a smugness vibe, but overall the book is very funny as it was intended to be, and David Brooks sure did a hell of a job making it a fun read about comic sociology and a generation of people he finds fun and interesting called, in his words, Bobos.

The Second Mountain


Meaningful Insight

Sure, Bobos in Paradise was a little differently styled book from David in a way a bit out of his style thanks to the comic content inside, but now we can get back to his popular writing style as The Second Mountain is a book from Brooks that shows meaningful insight of the way of life that has a little more commitment to certain things.

Social Downfall

He shows us that we have taken individualism to extreme levels and that it might just be our social downfall because we have forgotten about the lives of our ancestors which were lives with where people put commitment-making at the center of their lives.

Why is this so important to David? Well, because he believes that has found the four commitments that define a life of meaning and purpose. He talks about these four commitments which are a commitment to a spouse or family, to a particular career or occupation, to philosophy and faith and a commitment to a community.

Personal Fulfillment

David mentions the fact that our personal fulfillment in life will eventually depend on how well we commit to these things and how well we execute them.

In order for people to give this way of thinking another chance, David has included a range of people who have lived happy and joyous lives in this manner that proves how rewarding these commitments can be.

Meaningful Lives

Overall, David only wants to help us lead more meaningful lives through these commitments as he believes that we will genuinely care more when we are committed and that will result in our lives having more meaning.

On top of that, he describes how most of us currently live and only tells us the harsh truth that he believes. This is one of those books that will you immediately find out why it is on so many lists about the best books from David Brooks.

On Paradise Drive: How We Live Now (And Always Have) in the Future Tense


Gem of a Book

For our final suggestion about the best books from David Brooks, we have this gem that is both serious and comic and is sure to bring out a few smiles as well as make you think hard about how much sense the things he says actually make.

Harsh Truths

On Paradise Drive is a book about some harsh truths about his fellow Americans. A thorough description is what the book begins with as he asks the question are we as shallow as we seem. His thoughts about Americans are that they live under the illusion of being in paradise.

Constant Illusion

The fact is that they are money-hungry energetic people who live under the constant illusion that more money will bring more happiness and genuinely don’t know how to relax. Keep in mind that this is not a diss to anyone, David himself is an American and he is just telling his readers what he thinks.

It definitely brings a lot of insight though, as what he is talking about makes quite a lot of sense and you can be sure of that once you dive in a bit deeper in the book. For the sake of not being too long here, you will definitely see what we mean about this book when we say it sure fits in the best books from David Brooks list as it hits with some strong content for anyone to read.

Priceless Insight

If you enjoy any of these books then chances are you will enjoy most of his as they are all in a similar writing style and have absolutely priceless information and insight about our lives. On top of that, his books hold a lot of help for bettering ourselves and our overall lives.

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