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Dawn Of The Century Book Review (2021)

Robert Vaughan

Author Robert Vaughan starts his nine-book long series called The American Chronicles with this first book of the series that begins with the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. It is quite an interesting fiction novel that has proven very amusing to many readers and most of Robert’s own fans.

The American Chronicles Series

This is only the first of nine novels that all have a special story to tell that this author has worked on for a while. Feel free to try the book and the series for yourself if you like what you read in this article. You can take a look at our selection of the best Robert Vaughan books to learn more about the series.

Dawn of the Century Book

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America in 20th Century

As this story begins, you read about how this author talks a lot about his knowledge and thoughts of America in the early twentieth century. A land that was on the brink of greatness and what seems to him as a time of rapid change.

He mentions quite a lot of things in this book, not all of them are in order. You might even get confused when it comes to the novel Dawn of the Century’s meaning, but how the book progresses, it will eventually start to make a lot more sense. You read further and see some of the things connecting back to each other.


From what we can tell you in this review, he talks about the time of large and powerful industrialists and when rapid and large territorial expansion was, at home and abroad, at its best. Robert even mentions the new popular music of that time, Ragtime, as it was the music genre of that time’s ambitious dreamers.

The main focus of the story brings you to the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis where many modern marvels are featured. This huge exhibition that Robert describes so well in the book brought so many of the country’s greatest and brightest minds, all of them looking for opportunities to seize that would be of great benefit for whatever intentions they have at that time.

New Characters

This is the part of the book where you get to read about a few more characters that Robert likes to introduce you to. The first one we show you is Bob Canfield, a very wealthy landowner who has no trouble risking his fortune for a chance to make a huge profit out of the desert.

Then there is Eric Twainbough who is a skilled cowboy who rides the rails East from Wyoming and manages to bring disaster along with him to everywhere he goes. One more interesting character that comes to mind is a reporter called Terry Perkins who is only trying to get in on the action at the Fair in St. Louis and have a chunk of the story going on at that massive event.

Just the First Volume

You can definitely have a great time reading this book as it is only the first volume of the long series by Robert that talks a lot about America and what goes on there. We also covered the last book of the series, check out our Flower Children book review.

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