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Day By Day Armageddon Book Review (2021)

J. L. Bourne

J. L. Bourne has been able to put his training as a military officer to good use when writing the book Day by Day Armageddon. This best-selling author has a broad knowledge of weapons and warfare strategies that make his stories authentic.

Day by Day Armageddon Series

Although this book does not get the kindest reviews, it is not a bad book. It is just not as great as it could have been. With a slow start, it will take some perseverance to get to the good bits, but reviews say it is worth it.

Day by Day Armageddon Book

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Enjoyable Read

When it comes to deciding whether a book is the best zombie book in the genre, self-published ones like Day by Day Armageddon let themselves down by not having the finesse of proper proofreading and editing. Having said that, what Bourne has succeeded in doing, is writing a Zombie story that he has enjoyed telling with relish and that is evident to the reader.

Book reviews of Day by Day Armageddon are quite harsh but they do try to give Bourne the message that he can do, but he must remember that there is fierce competition in the zombie genre and readers have a lot of choices.

Mixed Reviews

Day by Day Armageddon is the same old rehash of the personal struggle for survival theme that is found in countless zombie novels. One man pits his mental and physical strength against an army of the living dead and his choices will determine who wins.

It is not at all surprising that Day by Day Armageddon gets mixed reviews because most zombie genre enthusiasts are getting tired of the old journal formula. If you can put aside the things that annoy you in the writing of this work of fiction, then you may be able to enjoy it for what it is.

Few Inconsistencies

While there are some exciting bits of action, but they are short-lived and one would expect more action from a character who has been trained in the military. Also, some of his decisions do not match with the cool-headedness one would expect from a disciplined soldier. Character traits need to be consistent with the type if they are to be credible, and this character has too many inconsistencies for us to swallow.


The same could be said of the other characters in the book. They seem to be mere shadows of the people they were supposed to represent in a zombie outbreak. More time should have been spent developing them, into believable scenarios, into the type of memorable characters we expect from this genre.

They also lack emotional depth and certainly do not evoke any sympathy in the reader. Most of the time we are wishing they would all get eaten by the zombies and be done with it. The protagonist’s ambivalent feelings towards the zombies are also confusing for the reader and it is not very satisfying to get mixed messages about the zombies. We want to hate them and we want him to hate them too!

Refreshing and Engaging

The saving grace of Day by Day Armageddon book is that it has an innate force that comes from the author’s joy of telling the story. Some extraordinary twists have been included that are refreshing and engaging. Documenting one man’s experiences of a Zombie invasion, his choices and survival methods are bound to please staunch fans of the genre. Day by Day Armageddon will be a treat for any die-hard Zombie book fan with an interest in military tactics.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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